CollapseNet provides in-depth world news with critical commentary and analysis of those news stories to give you more dots to connect and help you to make sense of a resource-depleting world gone ever more crazy. Additionally, we provide a hub for members to collaborate, network and share knowledge related to economic, environmental, political and social collapse, and our preparation and journey through these tough times. CollapseNet is a member-driven community and independent journalism hub that needs your support.


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World News Desk

In-depth world news with related stories, more dots to connect, and our world-famous analysis and commentary by:

  • Jenna Orkin
  • Rice Farmer
  • Wesley T. Miller
  • Distinguished guest writers and CollapseNet Staff


Original Video Reports & Documentaries

Original investigative journalism documentaries and video reports, including short videos and full-length features. Most original videos will be available to members-only on their first run.


Interactive Global & Local Member Maps

This proprietary software allows CollapseNet members to instantly communicate and share information with other CollapseNet members (close to where they live or across the globe) in a free and safe environment. The maps will be continually refined with only one goal in mind; to place at our members fingertips the information, tools, and people they will need to face the immense challenges ahead.


Collapse Consciously

A weekly column provided by Carolyn Baker, which explores the psychology of change and the heart and soul of Collapse.


Feature Articles &
Member Blogs

Feature articles from journalists and experts around the world and member-submitted blogs.




A members - only area where you can create your own page, and collaborate and network with like - minded members around the block or around the world. 

This area also provides the opportunity for direct reporting via streaming video and postings from our members around the world on Collapse-related events and news, unfiltered by mainstream media. A place to sound off without being wary of who is watching.


Member Submitted
Breaking News

News submitted from members all around the world covering all aspects of collapse, include the economy, environment, politics, natural and man-made disasters, war, civil unrest and other issues of interest to members.


This section is available for non-members to read, but only members may submit stories for posting consideration.


Lighthouse Directory

1600+ hand-picked entries providing information, books, DVDs and services to help the world prepare and be ready for Collapse.

Sign Posts

Economics for our daily life -- Commentary and analysis from our wide selection of authors regarding economics and the global economy.

Hairy Eyeball On...

We’re going after “the Man” and calling out some of the most atrocious behaviors of the ruling elite and their minions each week.  This isn’t a rant – it is the start of a reckoning…

Breaking News Alerts

Must See Videos


Stuff we need to know containing an article, video and document repository containing vast amounts of information all of us can get lost in.

Primary materials will be available for free, but analysis and commentary can only be found as a member. Please, come join us and join the conversation!

Essential Voices: People you need to hear

'Essential Voices' is comprised of recorded lectures, talks, presentations, discussions, conferences and debates selected for substance; information that is essential for competent decision-making in a changing world.

Primary materials will be available for free, but analysis and commentary can only be found as a member. Please, come join us and join the conversation!



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