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The Greek Government Will Run Out Of Cash In A Few Weeks, And Is Drawing Up Emergency Measures


Rice Farmer - Evening Edition


Global Economy

Europe Banks Fear Flight of Deposits

The Mortgage Crisis Hits France Front And Center: Are French Bank Nationalizations Imminent?

Eastern European Currencies Poised for a Double-Whammy of Pain

CIS steel export market continues to go down


Some Say NATO’s Very Survival Is In Doubt

Russia says West still considering military action on Iran

Panetta: Military Option For Iran ‘Not Being Weighed’

"Just days ahead of the talks between the six world powers and Iran over the latter’s nuclear program, reports say Washington is 'radiating optimism' with expectations of a peaceful nuclear deal and a 'warming of relations' with Tehran."


Civil Unrest

Anti-NATO, war protesters rally in Chicago

Fire, barricades, and a Rolling Stone: Quebec protests make waves

"A plan to restore order in Montreal appeared to erupt in smoke late Saturday, with fiery blockades blazing on a busy downtown street corner in a dispute gaining international attention."

Impatient Thai red shirts want justice from PM Yingluck

20,000 anti-capitalist protesters march in Frankfurt: police

G-8 Summit: Police in riot gear contain Ethiopian activists protesting in Maryland


Massive power cuts in Delhi

G8: Camp David meeting issues pledge to keep global oil supply stable despite new sanctions on Tehran

Pakistan negotiates for Indian and Iranian power

The age of extreme oil: ‘This used to be a forest?' (oil sands)

"It takes a barrel's worth of energy to produce just three barrels of oil; 30 years ago it would have been 100."

Oil report from the ”Diplomatic Council on Energy Security”



Thai rice prices hit seven-month high on tight market supply

Corn Takes Off as China Buys


Arctic melt releasing ancient methane

Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown

Chicago city, police websites possibly hacked


Kansai leaders oppose govt call to back Oi reactor restarts

"Local government leaders in the Kansai region have voiced their opposition to restarting reactors at Kansai Electric Power Co.'s Oi nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture, despite calls from central government officials asking for their support."

Western Japan puzzled over power reductions / Affected businesses concerned over possible electricity shortages hurting production numbers

BOJ struggling to buy govt bonds

"The Bank of Japan has been struggling to buy government bonds from commercial banks because their sell offers have repeatedly failed to meet targeted amounts.
"Banks apparently think that selling government bonds on the market is more lucrative than selling them to the central bank because bond prices have been soaring amid eurozone concerns, money market sources said."

Formaldehyde detected again / Tokyo govt suspends water supplies from purification plant


Hey, Krugman, Ask China If Stimulus Is a Good Idea (Gordon Chang)

China’s towering metal stockpiles cast economic shadow

"When metals warehouses in top consumer China are so full that workers start stockpiling iron ore in granaries and copper in car parks, you know the global economy could be in trouble."

World's electronic waste ends up in China

"Five million TV sets, 4 million refrigerators, 5 million washing machines, 5 million PCs and 10 million mobile phones are scrapped in China every year."


Ed Balls warns of cuts 'catastrophe'


US hot rolled steel futures plunge as European Crisis Deepens

Student debt, lack of well-paying jobs delays independence for new grads

How the fracking mess is about to make the mortgage mess worse

"One fact ought to tell you all you need to know about the risks faced by homeowners signing leases for natural gas drilling on their property: Wells Fargo & Company, both the largest home mortgage lender in the United States and a major lender to the country's second largest producer of natural gas, Chesapeake Energy Corp., refuses to make home loans for properties encumbered with natural gas drilling leases."


Robin Westenra - Afternoon Edition


Global economy

G8 leaders seek growth and urge Greece to keep euro

EU growth focus welcomed



Obama tries NATO fix for Afghanistan security

US PRESIDENT Barack Obama today faces the task of persuading financially pressed European governments and their war-weary citizens to back Afghanistan's security over the next decade.

NATO summit discusses Afghanistan withdrawal

President Barack Obama prepares for US withdrawal by 2014, as NATO members look to the future of Afghanistan.

UN nuclear chief heads to Iran for key talks

First IAEA head to visit Tehran since 2009 will seek inspection deal on alleged weapons sites ahead of Wednesday summit.



Guatemala volcano spits violent lava clouds


Civil unrest/revolution

Chicago NATO Protesters, Police Clash Downtown (VIDEO)

Footage captured on the ground in downtown Chicago depicts high tensions and frequent clashes between protesters and police during NATO Summit demonstrations, including several incidents that devolve into violence

Anti-NATO protesters begin big march on Chicago summit

Protesters gather for largest NATO rally

PROTESTERS gathering in Chicago for the NATO summit are gearing up for their largest demonstration, with thousands are expected to march from a downtown park to the lakeside convention centre where world leaders including Prime Minister Julia Gillard are meeting.

Thousands of anti-NATO activists march in Chicago (PHOTOS)

City of Chicago under attack… by hackers

Police attack NATO protesters in Chicago


Middle East

WATCH: Israeli settler shoots at Palestinians while IDF soldiers stand by

B'Tselem releases video of clashes between settlers and Palestinians near Itzhar on Saturday; 24-year-old Palestinian wounded as a result of the shooting.



Apart from the events in Chicago and the G8 pretending that everything's OK in Europe ('all we have to do is restore growth' - LOL) - it's a quiet day.

Deadly earthquake strikes Italy

A magnitude-6.0 earthquake has shaken several small towns in northeast Italy. Reports say the quake has killed six people, knocked down a clock tower and other centuries-old buildings and caused millions in losses to the region known for making Parmesan cheese

Earthquakes in Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy - Biggest Magnitude 6.0 (VIDEO)



Major crack in the south wall of Fukushima reactor 4: is this the end of the world as we know it?

6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Japan



Tropical storm churns off South Carolina

TROPICAL Storm Alberto is churning off South Carolina's coastline, the first storm of its kind to form in a hurricane season that doesn't begin officially until June 1, forecasters say.

Wall St titan insider trading trial begins



Greece exit may hit dollar

THE Australian dollar could fall below US90¢ if Greece pulls out of the eurozone, the chief currency strategist at Commonwealth Bank has warned, as leaders from the G8 group of nations worked over the weekend to combat the region's financial turmoil.

Lucky country's fortunes seen on the wane

The head of Australia's biggest company says the lucky country is becoming an uncompetitive place to do business.

Christchurch rattled by clutch of quakes


Robert Reich to New College Graduates: ‘You’re F*cked’

So much of what was once considered “knowledge work” – the kind that college graduates specialize in – can now be done more cheaply by software. Or by workers with college degrees in India or East Asia, linked up by Internet.


Jenna Orkin - Morning Edition



The Greek Government Will Run Out Of Cash In A Few Weeks, And Is Drawing Up Emergency Measures

First Time Ever - Majority of Unemployed Have Some College Education

Ron Paul Nabs Endorsement After Cutting Back Campaign



Casualty! The eurozone sickness spreads 

Obama Says Euro Zone Crisis Threatens Global Economy

Ireland May Need Second Bailout

Europe Thinks the Unthinkable on Greece

INTRODUCING THE 'GEURO': A Radical New Currency Idea To Solve All Of Greece's Problems

Brits in stampede to snap up euros as pound soars

Spain’s Intelligence Services Investigating Role of British and American Media in Fomenting Financial Turmoil

Crumbling BRICs... And Why The Developed World Is Not "Taking Off" Either

The Ph.D. Now Comes With Food Stamps

What Jamie Dimon Really Said: The CIA's Take

Congressional Threat to Every Investor, Business Owner and Citizen

All Roads In Europe Lead To Gold



Marijuana grows openly in Calif. towns

Iran Says Its First Caspian Oil Find in 104 Years Holds 10 Billion Barrels

That'll keep global consumption going another 3-4 months. - JO



And Now: Ex-Patriot Act

Will Rogue Fundamentalist Christian Military Leaders Start a Nuclear War in the Middle East?

DHS Considers Collecting DNA From Kids

Syrian Rebels Get Influx of Arms with Gulf Neighbors’ Money, U.S. Coordination


Civil Unrest 

Nato protesters held on $1.5m bond

Terrorism charge for three Nato protesters  

Quebec rolls back protest rights

Putin Gives Massive Promotion To Man Who Threatened Protesters


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