Member Testimonials About Collapsenet

Below are quotes from members about the unique service and analysis they value and receive on a daily basis from our exclusive World News Desk. 

From Cindy B.:
"The World News Desk is my daily newspaper. I know I'm going to get what I need to know and to be paying attention to, not the drivel offered on network and most cable news programs. As we proceed deeper in collapse, we all need to be flexible and resilient, but just as importantly, we need to be and stay informed. I trust Collapsenet to do that. Best c-note I ever spent!"

From Mitchell K.:
"CollapseNet is valuable in many ways, and it's still evolving. However, Jenna Orkin's daily news roundup is alone worth the very reasonable price of admission. The combination helps one stay attuned to the big picture and plan for possible near-term, large-scale events. Try it for a month, you won't be disappointed." 

From Gary S.:
"I really don't know how you manage to get out the sheer volume of detailed news that you do on a consistent daily basis. As far as I know, there is no other single source of information on the on-going collapse that holds a candle to the work you do."

From Edna Stout, Idaho:
"CollapseNet's information collectively encompasses all the facets of our challenging world. It enables me to connect the dots, and to prepare for my immediate future. Nothing compares to it for news and information on a worldwide scale, and at the same time, it is creating a new community of intelligent, caring people who teach by sharing from all walks of life."

From Per Fagereng:
"I do a show on KBOO radio called Fight The Empire. To prepare for it, I go to a lot of news sources, and one that I go to every day is CollapseNet. I like the mix of news stories.

From Martin Bærentsen, Denmark:
"At 25, I'm probably at the very low end of the age spectrum and with almost no resources (but also no debt), I consider my CollapseNet membership an important step in understanding the world that I will be living in. Words like Permaculture, Transition towns and Self-sustainability were things that a year ago didn't know existed, but now see as an important part of my future."

From Kim, Australia:
"To keep myself educated, the first (and only) place I go to when I sit down at my PC is CollapseNet, to find out how the world is unfolding. Nobody builds a picture of the world (map-making).

From Nik M.
"The reason I subscribe to CollapseNet is simple: I don't trust any other news source. I want to know what is happening in my world, but I don't want to go to the trouble of pouring over hundreds of articles a day, and trying to deconstruct the layers of misinformation. Additionally, I love that it is a place where I know that people will not shout me down for stating the obvious and the empirically true."

From Timm S.:
"It is one of the few websites I visit daily, and one of the very few web services I pay for. Reason for this is solely the collection of World News Desk articles that you put together day after day. It's an amazing, scary info pool, and alone worth the subscription fee."

From Sarah, New Zealand:
"CollapseNet is a lighthouse in a dark and stormy ocean. I find it a real source of good advice and take comfort knowing there are others out there who know what's really happening and are concerned enough to act on it."

From Ryan N.:
"Collapsenet helps me follow news stories that aren't on mainstream media. I rely on these news stories to gauge the upcoming wave so I can try to jump at the right time and in the right position."

From Greg:
"For me, it's all about the articles...I do love the idea of being able to connect with people in my locale and finding business and resources."

From TPG, Boston, MA:
"There's no other site like it on the web that condenses so many crucial stories each day about what's really happening to our world into one page of captivating links."

From J.:
"CollapseNet is the first place I go to find out what is going on in the world."  

"Like many people that come to this site I often find myself feeling alone around friends and family that don't grasp what is going on around them.  And if it was not for this site I think that loneliness would be much harder to deal with."

From N.:
"This site for me is like my finger on the wrist of world civilization, feeling it’s heart beats as events of civil unrest unfold."

"What is offered here: like-minded people, creating threads of insight that help weave together a clearer picture of the events I see happening on Earth."

From Todd L., Philadelphia, PA:
"I'm continually blown away by the World News Desk."

"I realize a lot of time goes into collecting a list of articles not too many folks report on these days. That alone makes the subscription cost a bargain in my opinion."

"The continual additions of content to the site display the momentum and dedication on the part of founders, contributors and members alike."

From Jeff Fitchett:
" is a place for like minded individuals to share ideas."

"I am an information junkie and this site saves me an immense amount of time doing research."

"I find that the collection of news items and articles helps me to gauge at what point we are in the collapse. The major trends that have formed over the last number of years are clear as day for those who are willing to think independently. This site provides the clarity."  

From Jonathan L.:
"I check in with the headlines of the NY Times, MSN and the rest but if I want the real news, e.g. what is factually happening around the world that they won't tell me, then I come to CollapseNet."

"If I want the clear, unvarnished truth about politics, the economy, the environment, and the post-peak world, I read Collapsenet"

"I'm grateful that someone is pulling the layers of delusion out of my mind, and replacing them with some clarity, FINALLY."

From David Crossland, Transition BH, UK:
"So much is changing so fast, it can be hard to keep up and understand the context. CollapseNet's World News Desk service is the best way I know to zone in on the stories that matter, and the brief commentary brings meaning, realism and humor. A daily essential."

From robmac58:
"Every day, when I turn on my computer and log on, the first thing I do is check my email. The next thing I do is log on to CollapseNet and proceed directly to the World News Desk."

"The World News Desk is an invaluable feature of CollapseNet which I will gladly pay for."

From Martin R.:
"I come here because its the only place to get news that matters."

From Leslie K.:
"On CollapseNet, I can get a sense of what is happening to the world at large, rather than the opinion regarding the current situation by the media outlet owned by some multi-national corporation with a PR agenda."

From Mimi F.:
"I need CollapseNet like I need oxygen. You're doing a fabulous and valuable job and I thank you for it."

From Chris C., Seattle, WA:
"As a resource and information center about what is occurring world wide, right now, it is unequalled."

"I visit it at least once every single day and highly recommend it to any literate person. Thank you CollapseNet."

From Peter S., Belmar, NJ:
"I'm hooked on the World News Desk.  It is bar none the best source of main stream media and independent news collection and data analysis from around the world that can be found on the web at the moment."

"It's clear that change is upon us.  It's palpable, and many people are waking up to it.  You and Jenna woke me up years ago.  Thank you for all that you do at CollapseNet."

From Michael H.:
"The ability for members to post comments about the news headlines helps to make the website very inclusive and very interactive."

From Larry B.:
"The one-stop-shop for news."

"The articles are always timely and I have always had a hard time choosing which articles and features to read because there is so much good material there is seldom time for it all!"

"It is obvious the amount of effort that goes into producing a high quality product."