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Ask A Felon - Everything you ever wanted to know about crime & criminals
Find out how vulnerable you are to the criminal element from an ex-con. Ask any question about crime, criminals, and how to protect yourself from them and get the truth!
US War Crimes: US political leadership is engaged in “emperor has no clothes” unlawful wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that have escalated into Pakistan, Yemen, and with rhetoric to attack Iran that darkly includes use of nuclear weapons in official first-strike policy. The US has abandoned its exercise of power...
How to obtain or renew a firearms licence in New Zealand
The US is at the forefront of an international arms development effort that includes a remarkable assortment of technologies, which look and sound like they belong in a Hollywood science fiction thriller. From microwave energy blasters and blinding laser beams, to chemical agents and deafening sonic blasters, these weapons are...
The most comprehensive online source of crime information. For the U.S.
Community policing and neighborhood crime statistics in the U.S.
In my first post on crime, I urged you to accept the reality of the criminal threat and to mentally choose not to allow yourself to be easily victimized. Hopefully you’re reading this second post because you’ve sworn off the denial, distraction, and passivity that characterizes most people and...
Provides legislation past, present, and future with regards to firearms. Allows for followers of Collapse Net to further prepare by knowing what Washington is doing involving the Second Amendment. Also has current gun laws, and issues involving weapons.
No one in her right mind fights for the sake of fighting. But if you have to defend yourself, it's good to have sharp claws. Below you will find articles dealing with gun safety, kids, mindset, and much more. There are glossaries and step-by-step instructions on the shooting...
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