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Opiate Detox Recovery Community
Wise Foods - 25 yr shelf life, delicious taste, ready made meal plans
Get Nutritious, Delicious, Storable Food... Direct from the manufacturer! Make sure your family never goes hungry - stock up on high quality outdoor food and also long-term storable food with up to 25 years of shelf life. So delicious, you'll want to have 'em for dinner TONIGHT! 3 food programs...
Gun World
Gun World in Burbank, is one of Los Angeles largest firearms, ammunition, handgun, rifle, shotgun & accessories showrooms. The firearms shop with the most knowledgeable and friendliest sales people Thousands of guns to choose from more than any other gun store in Southern California. Here are some of brand...
Lambs. Available summer & fall from producer, live animals only. Occasionally available freezer beef.
Grass-fed, natural lamb and kid meat. Also available raw- skirted or washed fleece, roving, pelts and horns. Call for availability and to order.
Pasture-raised lamb by the cut, available year-round. Free- range brown eggs, seasonally. Also sell sheep breeding stock, goat kids and milking does, wool, wool roving, and yarn. All products available by appointment at the farm, please call or email.
Beef. Available year around from farm & at Ithaca Farmers’ Market.
Pasture raised chicken, turkey, lamb, and eggs from free ranging poultry. All stock is raised hormone and medication free. Poultry available May-Oct. Turkeys raised to order. Also: local honey.
Naturally raised pork, sold by the cut direct from the farm. USDA inspected. Call for availability.
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