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In recent days attention has been focused on Europe and the unraveling of the Eurozone.

In the meantime things have not really changed in the Middle East, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

As Kofi Annan's peace plan breaks down Syria lurches toward civil war; weapons are still being smuggled into the country.

The Pakistan government is still trying to get the US to stop drone attacks on their own territory; and RT reports on usual activity at one of Iran's nuclear sites (this is interesting, as much as anything for the source of the item.

– Robin Westenra


Dozens dead in twin Damascus blasts


At least 55 people killed in pair of explosions near intelligence complex in Syrian capital, interior ministry says.

Yemen raids kill 17 al-Qaeda militants


Two airstrikes in south Yemen have killed seven al-Qaeda militants, including two top operatives, officials said.

UN: Weapons being smuggled between Lebanon, Syria 


International mediator Kofi Annan, Red Cross and Arab League warn Syria is descending into civil war; 10 people killed in clashes with Syrian security forces.


New suspicions: Did Iran organize a clean-up at suspected nuclear site?

Freshly released satellite imagery shows “unusual activity” at Iran’s Parchin military base, which the West fears is used for nuclear experiments. But is the imagery sufficient evidence for claims of a clean-up operation?


Rights group files suit against US for deadly drone hits in Pakistan


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