Thursday, 19 April 2012 02:05

Nigel Farage: There Are Going to Be Serious Banking Collapses

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“Suddenly, a big shot from the IMF says, ‘There is a problem here, and there may be a breakup of the eurozone.  It could come sooner than you think.’  I see that as a bit of a crack in the dam.  They’ve always used the argument that the euro was inevitable and it was here to stay, and an individual from the IMF has just completely blown that out of the water.  

(The breakup could be disorderly) because there have been no contingency plans.  This is what makes me so angry.  I’ve been saying to Barroso and that little Van Rumpuy character, ‘Come on, let’s have a Plan B.’  Let’s actually get ourselves ready in case it goes the other way.’  The point the IMF official made is that there have been no contingency plans whatsoever....

-- It's here. World media today is replete with capitulative stories. The game's up and we have the rest of the year to watch everything fall apart... Wohoo! Details on the World News Desk. -- MCR

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