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AFGHANISTAN: Political Rout as Prelude to Disaster

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March 28, 2012, 1700 PDT, SEBASTOPOL -- Historians largely credit the Tet Offensive in 1968 with breaking the U.S.'s will to wage the Vietnam War. But I also think it is just as easily attributed to the My Lai Massacre which occurred immediately following Tet. To those who are familiar with history, it is clear that massive political change -- as in the sudden and complete collapse of popular or international support for a war -- can have nearly instant repercussions on the battlefield. 

Critics will say, "Yeah Mike, but the U.S. stayed in ground combat in Vietnam until 1972."... True. But never once during the entire course of the Vietnam War, did the United States lose the ability to resupply by sea, air or land. Never once was logistics even impaired on any significant level. ISAF is being not-so-slowly strangled by Pakistan, Russia and pretty soon, Afghanistan itself, as its resupply routes are cut off, one-by-one. 

Bear that in mind please as you read the following three stories. -- MCR

Call for debate on SAS involvement in Afghanistan (New Zealand)

"As the SAS prepares to pull out of Afganistan, there are calls for a public debate over why New Zealand's elite soldiers were there for so long."

Background: The NZ SAS has been in Afghanistan from the beginning – this has been shrouded in mystery. Most NZ involvement was reconstruction in Bamiyan but under the present Right-Wing government the SAS has been directly involved in actions with American troops – those soldiers killed were in US uniform. -Robin Westenra


Talks on Australian Afghanistan troop withdrawal

"28 March, 2012 -- HIGH-LEVEL talks over the timing of Australia's withdrawal from Oruzgan began at the weekend at a meeting of NATO and Afghan government officials to finalise the next tranche of districts and provinces to be handed back to local security forces."

Australia has the largest non-NATO contingent in Afghanistan -- Robin Westenra

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