Tuesday, 27 March 2012 21:41

Total says may take months to control gas cloud

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"The Elgin well, pumping some three percent of Britain's gas output from nearly four miles below the seabed, pushes the frontiers of technology and is one of the deepest, most highly pressurized, offshore natural gas fields in the world. It now sits empty following Sunday's emergency evacuation of 238 crew."

-- Aircraft and vessels have to go around an exclusion zone of many miles in all directions. That is how pressurized the methane is. In fact, it is so pressurized that the enormous reservoir will be empty long before then.

Methane is a greenhouse gas twenty times more powerful than CO2. This, coupled with massive Siberian releases over the last six months as the permafrost melts, producing many vertical columns of methane, also miles across -- tells me that the human race has chosen its method of self-extermination.

And you thought all this was just a game. -- MCR 

Reuters article


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