Tuesday, 20 March 2012 18:53

ASIA TIMES confronts 9-11 Insider Trading -- Says Ruppert's name

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-- At long last a major world publication has said my name. And in so doing they have resurrected easily provable crimes that were so apparent in the first days following 9-11. Why now?... Perhaps because the criminality, which has metastasized for a full decade since then, is threatening every human on the planet. It has gotten meaner, uglier, more deadly and far more dangerous. That's what happens when no one stands up and screams when a crime is committed. There is now a widening window showing that world governments, no longer concerned about keeping U.S. "favors' (now of little value), are recognizing that if the criminals running the U.S. are not dealt with firmly and decisively, they will lead every nation. and every soul into the abyss of nuclear war, destruction, or abject slavery.
After a decade in the wilderness over this, I am humbly gratified and feel some hope that we all might find the will to do what must be done if we are to survive. Here is the first article I wrote on 9-11 insider trading which started all this so many years ago.
Pass the popcorn... Put some butter on it, and pour me some apple juice please. -- MCR


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