Tuesday, 06 March 2012 19:24

Putin makes his presence felt as protesters take to Moscow's streets

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"Thousands of Russians streamed through metal detectors for hours, past camouflaged trucks and under the whirring blades of a helicopter, to join a mass protest against Vladimir Putin's official return to the Kremlin.

They were furious and frustrated. Gone were the lighthearted slogans and costumes that had thus far marked the protests that exploded in Moscow in December and carried through Russia's presidential vote on Sunday."

Occupy's stamp is all over these large protests. We all wait to see how Mr. Putin chooses to respond. Leaders were arrested but they were almost immediately released. It would be one of the greatest shots in the arm imaginable if Putin showed even the most modest support and it would change his image in the eyes of the world immediately. He has a great opportunity here but I can't hold my breath. -- MCR

Guardian article


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