Tuesday, 28 February 2012 22:22

Supreme Court Showdown: Corporate Personhood Case Up Next

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-- Remember Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum. This is a case that could be a core unifier for Occupy, for Ron Paul supporters, for the Tea Party... for everybody. The Supremes are hearing arguments now. They will come back with a decision sometime within the next few months and it will be a pivotal and historic moment. The decision will almost certainly come at a time when protests are in full bloom  around the country and collapse is biting harder. Of all the issues out there, this is one of the few that I would call a "head shot" for infinite growth and economic corruption.
In short, this is the most important legal case in the world right now. The Supreme Court is sensitive to popular will. And what I would love to see happen is that all of us find a big enough voice to make it clear that if the Supremes rule in favor of corporations it will bring immediate repercussions. And I would not take violence off the table. Occupy should always remain non-violent but there are many other movements and interests out there. There is so little time left to accomplish anything material and there is nothing at the Supreme Court level offering such a clear opportunity.
I'm not betting on success either. But if I were in charge of all protest movements I would be directing that everyone, everywhere be pointed to this case and shown what is at stake. I would order mass demonstrations focusing on this one case alone. And I would let the Supremes know that indeed, the whole world is watching.
The government must be made to fear the people.
Opportunities like this are extremely rare, and the window to take advantage of them is, as usual, small and open only for a short time. -- MCR
This could be a turning point but I wouldn't bet on it. - Jenna Orkin

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