Sunday, 19 February 2012 05:46

Greece 'Officially Defaults' March 23, Banks Close

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"According to Ward, that following Monday, the 25th, Greek banks will close,  then presumably usher in the drachma in addition to the shock, confusion and  panic expected in markets to the surprise outcome of the two-year long display of alleged unity between France (NYSEArca:EWQ), Germany (NYSEArca:EWG) and other monied parties to solving  Greece is revealed to be just a ruse, a delay tactic for a preparation of the  event.  " [Emphasis added]

This is what I told you yesterday. Last April I said firmly that we had until the end of July before all the global markets started coming unwound and sovereigns started defaulting. I was right. That is when it became abundantly clear that Greece was toast and so was the EU.

Now two things are clear. First, we have until the end of March (if that) before a synchronized shut down of all economies in all countries takes effect, along with global rioting, major political upheavals and open, lethal repression. U.S. hegemony has been routed openly. Oil continues to climb in price as economic activity plummets.

I think now the zombies are looking and realizing that the Mother of all Tsunamis is bearing down on them, and there will be no escape.

I do not think the Greeks are rearranging deck chairs anymore. I think they're following orders to delay, reading a script. As bad as what's coming may be, I am hoping it will drag TPTB out from the shadows where we can see them. -- MCR

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