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Barter system and the new bi-lateral trade currency

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"With dissent in the international community growing, the US dollar faces the threat of extinction in the future. Especially if the US demands other countries to act according to its desires. And even though the India-Iran deal may just be a small step, it also gives us a peek into the future- a future where countries can engage in free trade without its interests being held hostage by the demands of any country."

-- Here we can see the new world economy forming. It's clear that the dollar is collapsing, so people and governments throughout the world are moving to a new system involving barter and other currencies. As we saw from this article yesterday, Iran is creatively finding many ways to circumvent the sanctions, and the fact that so many entities cooperate speaks volumes. -- Rice Farmer

-- What is happening is that the United States, believing itself to be flexing muscle, is actually hastening the demise of the dollar by pushing the entire world into "System D" faster. It either has become, or will become, less expensive -- all things considered -- to function outside of dollar hegemony, which no longer really exists. There are major new economic trends revealing themselves on the World News Desk. -- MCR

And if I take a step back I can see TPTB orchestrating this in the same way that QEII brought on massive inflation. If I had my bets I'd guess that the Clintons and the Bushes moved their assets out of dollars a long time ago, and are profiting from this shift of power. The tension over Iran is masking a great shift in economic power. The U.S. empire looks pretty-well defeated to me. -- MCR

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