Wednesday, 01 February 2012 18:12

Oakland Travesty

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Speaking as a former police detective, this tape is excellent admissible evidence and some damn fine journalism. Heinous crimes were committed by both Oakland Police and the mainstream press. It's all here for everyone to see.

Now it is becoming clearer what the strategy of Homeland Security is. Come spring, the crack downs will come within hours of any anticipated movement, very quickly. Via various intelligence gathering measures they have penetrated and understand Occupy strategy. A choreographed and brutal suppression will be implemented (by agreement) away from the media's gaze so that the media cannot be held responsible for reporting the brutality and criminality that will follow.

It is important that this tape go viral. Watch it many times. There is much to be learned. The whole world is watching, right here at Collapsenet.

The future of all that we fight for, all over the globe, is now partially in the hands of trustworthy and exceptional journalism that is (for now) abundant all over the world. We bring the best of it to you here at Collapsenet.

This is no longer the United States of America, especially with the visible criminal complicity of the media we see so clearly documented here. Having served as both a police officer and many years as a journalist I am disgusted and I'm wondering when this rotten taste will leave my mouth.

We are the 99%. This is our year. -- MCR

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