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The Death of Michael C. Ruppert - Video Narrated by Jack Martin: UPDATE 05-01-2014 - Coroner's Report Published

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Jack Martin gives a one-take walk-through of Michael C. Ruppert's suicide and last day. This film was taken by Wesley T. Miller, Mike's co-founder in

Jack tells the story and gives a heart-felt tribute to Mike that written words just cannot capture. This is the official story of Mike's last day on Earth. The notes to which Jack refers are re-published below.

Please distribute this video far and wide.

In the coming days, I will be publishing follow-up articles discussing why Mike did it, and the future of CollapseNet. Please stay tuned...we have much to talk about.


PS: I'll post the coroner's report here when received. Our original reports and updates can be found here.






UPDATE 05-01-2014

Coroner's Report on MCR's Death

Below is the Coroner's Report for MCR's death. PLEASE BE ADVISED: GRAPHIC CONTENT.

Do not read it if you are too sensitive or traumatized. This is published here just for the record. - Wes








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