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MCR Update and Free World News Desk - 04-24-2014

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I apologize for the posting lags. I have been staying at Mike's trailer and spending time with Jack and Jesse. Yesterday, the three of us paid our last respects to Mike's body before witnessing his cremation. It was a beautiful day filled with heavy hearts.
We are tentatively planning a private memorial for Mike on Saturday. I will be returning to Portland with a portion of Mike's ashes and I am planning public memorial for Mike in Portland at a day and time TBA.
Please bear with me over the next days as we sort things out. I will be writing a comprehensive multi-part article regarding Mike's death, including a video walk-through of his last home and the scene of his death, and a narration of events by Jack. I want the world to know exactly what happened, and to contemplate why. Mike was a complex person, and the more we talk, the more it is obvious to all of us that Mike was sending many different messages to many people in his final actions.
I have a lot to say, and we have much to consider regarding the future of CollapseNet and how best to honor Mike's legacy. But for now, we are just putting one foot in front of the other, and holding each other up.
Much more to come...
From Jenna Orkin:
Guns, axes and meat cleavers among 1,000 weapons confiscated from schoolchildren in last three years
Russia may ban swearing in films and music
Schoolboy Willie Myrick freed by kidnapper because he wouldn't stop singing Gospel song 'Every Praise'
That child is a genius. - JO
Civil Unrest/Politics
#myNYPD: Twitter photo campaign backfires as users bombard police department with pictures of 'brutality'
Water cannon: Boris' weapon to keep the peace on London's streets – dented by eggs and water bottles in Germany

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