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Vatican will protect Pope Benedict XVI from sex abuse prosecution

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From the World News Desk:

“"His continued presence in the Vatican is necessary, otherwise he might be defenseless," a Vatican official told Reuters under the condition of anonymity. "He wouldn't have his immunity, his prerogatives, his security if he is anywhere else."

The source added that the pontiff should lead a "dignified existence" for the rest of his life.”


How about those thousands of defenseless children he allowed to be raped, repeatedly, as well as the thousands more who were allowed to be victimized by offenders known by the church and who were never-the-less given access to new crops of children to molest? Where is the “dignified existence” for the victims?

This is exactly what I thought they were doing with Ratzy, trying to hide his (and their) dirt while putting out an air of “reform”. Well, until your baby-raping bastards are behind bars instead of alter boys, your church will be a stain upon the very concept of “God”.

The Catholic Church is an organized criminal enterprise in that for decades (perhaps centuries) it has fostered the sexual abuse of children and covered up the evidence of such abuse as a matter of policy. That policy was dictated and enforced personally by Ratzinger. The church has been deserving of a RICO prosecution for years, and if we had a judicial system that actually functioned out of a need for justice instead of fulfilling the electoral goals of politicians, we’d see more than a few cardinals and bishops in handcuffs and prison jumpers. - Wes


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