Wednesday, 20 February 2013 16:05

Mexican Farmers Turn Into Vigilantes To Fight Narco Traffickers

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“A month ago, locals got tired of the violence, and decided to take control. Groups of men armed with old shotguns took to the streets, the highways and the roads. First it was one, then another, and then one more… all together, 15 towns have raised vigilante forces that neither obey police, army nor any authority that is not from their own communities…

…“The state had abandoned us and we had to do something to defend ourselves. Even a scorpion, when you are step on it, sticks out its zinger to defend itself,” says a former corn farmer who now leads one of the self-defense groups.

The situation in Ayutla is a mirror of what is happening in the rest of the country, where the war among and against the drug cartels has left 90,000 thousand dead and 25,000 missing.  

But for a month, crime rates in Ayutla have been reduced to zero and the government of Enrique Peña Nieto is starting to worry about this popular uprising, which echoes the 1990s, when the Zapatista revolutionary group declared a “war against the Mexican state.”


To me, this is a far more likely collapse scenario than some crazy Mad Max fantasy where all military and government just dissolve into nothing and the MBZ's (mutant biker zombies) take over the world. People will band together locally for self defense, just as they always have, and commit to providing Order even if they can’t maintain a valid and functional legal system. And assault weapons are not likely to make any difference to survival in such communities. - Wes

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