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Keep A Close Eye On Food and Water Prices

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This came through our World News Desk today. 

Drought Seen Worsening in Plains, Midwest States (Insurance Journal)

""Without rain or heavy snow before spring, millions of acres of wheat could be ruined while corn and soybean seedings could be threatened in the western Midwest, meteorologists and other crop experts have said.

A climatology report issued last Thursday said there were no signs of improvement for Kansas or neighboring farm states.

Roughly 57.64 percent of the contiguous United States was in at least “moderate” drought as of Jan. 22, an improvement from 58.87 percent a week earlier, according to last Thursday’s Drought Monitor report by a consortium of federal and state climatology experts.

But the worst level of drought, dubbed “exceptional,” expanded slightly to 6.36 percent from 6.31 percent of the country."

Unless there is a drastic change for the better, expect food prices to increase substantially.   This has been a year without a Winter.   Climate change is upon us; Hurricane Sandy and the Great Drought are mere opening salvos.  

Imagine what our planet is going to like as we really start to turn up the heat on the way to possible 4 degree Celsius warmer world by the end of the century.   We may end up looking back at 2012 and remember how good we had it.   Take a look at the image below.  It came from; it assumes a "business as usual" scenario.  Do you see any correlations between the drought map and this one?  Coincidence....  I think not.   Similar correlations can be found across the globe.   Let's all hope we don't continue our business as usual.  If not, this hypothetical scenario may look more like reality.



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