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Macroeconomia - The PIIGS are for Sale

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hmm... which one is Spain?

The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, Evo Morales brainchild, is coming of age at the third summit of CELAC-EU.  (The real story here is much bigger than the the protests.)

The Spanish-speaking parts of the world are openly calling it a new "economic architecture".   See below:

The 2013 Summit in Santiago has been special, Chile had many of the EU's highest level state representatives encouraging investment in Europe, especially Spain. 

"So what?" some might say.   Well let's break it down into chunks.

- Andrea Merkell and other EU state leaders go to South America to visit with South American state leaders
- The EU is bankrupt and everyone knows it.   Germany needs help paying the bills.
- South America is getting their act together and united as one.
- Andrea Merkell shops Spain around like fresh meat at the market.
- To add insult to injury, Spain is being served up priced to sell to it's former colonies.  Ouch. 

Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Fidel Castro, Rafael Correra, The Kerchners, and even Lula are feeling really good about themselves right now.  Portugal is next on the market. 

This is a dynamic macroeconomic paradigm shift.  There are bound to be winners and losers as the global power structure fractures and coalesces anew.   The political, social, and economic unification of South America combined with it's vast natural resources has created a new locus of power.  For South America, the timing and nature of this Global Recession has been extremely advantageous.   

How this power shift develops depends on too many factors for anyone to know.   But one thing is for certain: times are changing.  Keep your eyes and ears open.  

Members, what do you think about this and related ideas?

-- Luis


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