Tuesday, 01 January 2013 18:32

Free World News Desk New Years Day 01.01.13

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From Jenna Orkin in New York



Over The Cliff We Go... House Adjourning Until Tuesday At Noon...

Preliminary Deal... Tax Cave... Unemployment Insurance Extension

Iran Test-Fires Missiles Near Strait of Hormuz

Chinese Think Tank: "Conflict With Japan Inevitable"

Pentagon To "Temporarily" Fire 800,000 If No Cliff Deal; Chaos To Ensue

There's A Secret War In Thailand No One's Talking About

Al Qaeda Has Basically Made Its Own Country In Africa

China's Newest And Deadly Warship Has Entered The South China Sea

Al Qaeda Offers $160,000 In Gold To Anyone Who Kills U.S. Ambassador

Gold Has Longest Streak of Annual Gains Since 1920


Britain could be given 'second-class' membership of EU

Revealed: Four Stores On The Brink Of Death

When Priced In Gold, The US Economy Is At Depression-Era Levels

Stephen Roach On Why Abe's Aggression Won't Save Japan

10 Devastating Sequestration Cuts That People Are Afraid Will Happen

 11 Companies That Will Get Slammed Hardest By Sequestration

Self-Policing of Food Firms Fails, Says Congresswoman With Plan

For Day Laborers, Used to Scraping By, Hurricane Creates a Wealth of Work

Fracking leaves mark on Texas town

Concerns Over Tarmac Storage of Sandy-Damaged Cars

Antarctic Warming Rate Surprises Scientists: Today's Pic



Israel cuts off migration from Egypt

Military Must Prep Now for ‘Mutant’ Future, Researchers Warn


Civil Unrest/Politics

Russian police arrest protesters

More Than 400 New Laws Take Effect Nationwide on Tuesday

Government and Big Banks Joined Forces to Violently Crush Peaceful Protests

Ron Paul To Congress: "Stop Legislating Your Ideas Of Fairness. Protect Property Rights. Protect The Individual"



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