Thursday, 20 December 2012 17:56

TSA Wonders if Airport Body Scanners Are Nuking You

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"The Transportation Security Administration is deciding to determine, once and for all, whether the so-called “nude” body scanners being deployed at airports nationwide are nuking passengers at unacceptable radiation levels.

The TSA is commissioning the National Academy of Sciences — a private non-profit filled with engineer and science scholars — to set the record straight. The academy’s mission is to review three other body-scanner studies — which have come under fire from the scientific community — and to also study passenger screening and manufacturing procedures “to estimate radiation exposure resulting from backscatter X-ray advanced imaging technology.”

A small community of scientists have raised health alarms over a type of “advanced imaging technology” scanner installed at U.S. airports. Already controversial on privacy grounds, the AIT scanners emit radiation to allow airport screeners to see through a passenger’s clothing to check for concealed explosives and weapons."

One would think that DHS would have actually done all the testing required before buying hundreds of millions of dollars worth of them. Oh, but they were made by former Director of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff's company, so I guess they just "trusted" him, right? - Wes

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