Friday, 09 November 2012 19:34

Occupy Department of Veterans Affairs ignored, but shows purpose Special

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"Raymond Voide, a retired USMC and artist, said this of Occupy Department of Veterans Affairs, “First of all, I'm a former active duty Marine, with 8 years of active and Honorable service, so I know of what I speak. Though the, "Occupy the VA" protest is necessary, your story's importance is as to why it's needed. The fact that we still "Occupy," is in part, indicative as to why; all we wanted initially was a meeting with the VA powers-that-be, but that is just, as they say, the tip of the iceberg. However, when DHS (Department of Homeland Security), police and security greeted us at Veteran's Affairs doors, instead of the promised officials who had assured us an ear, it became obvious how deep-rooted our problems are. The VA does not care. Never did, and probably never will. The men and women who serve and served their country, did so because they felt an obligation to do so: patriotism and gratitude, and all that jazz, for all our country used to represent to us. Upon our return to civilian life, and in light of the ways, methods and means by which our military, and those who serve are used and spat out, and the deaf ears that await them when they require services to make them whole and mentally sound as possible, it's no wonder 6,000 to 6,500 veterans commit suicide annually.”"

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