Tuesday, 06 November 2012 17:41

Ex-Obama Adviser: If States Legalize Pot, Feds Will Try To Shut It Down

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"With measures to legalize pot leading in Washington and Colorado polls, one of the president's former senior drug policy advisers is predicting the initiatives will incite a war between the feds and the states.

"Once these states actually try to implement these laws, we will see an effort by the feds to shut it down," Kevin A. Sabet told NBC News in a report published Sunday. "We can only guess now what exactly that would look like. But the recent U.S. attorney actions against medical marijuana portends an aggressive effort to stop state-sponsored growing and selling at the outset.""

I disagree, at least if both the Colorado and Washington initiatives pass. The feds would have to devote massive resources on an already lost War on Drugs in both States, and they still would not make a dent when marijuana is no longer a State criminal issue. It would be foolhardy in the extreme to waste those resources in this austere environment, all for no effect. The feds will be hamstrung on the issue, and the more ideologues push the issue, the more out of touch they will make themselves appear. 

Rather, passage of these initiatives will be the first major strike against that failed Drug War, and the start of a more rational discussion of drugs in the US. There may be a few squirmishes, but the feds eventually will be forced by the reality on the ground to back down. - Wes

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