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Rice Farmer - Evening Edition - Free Sunday Edition

Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards

India luxury car boom a phantom

Spain May Tighten Reforms to Meet 2012 Deficit Goal

Airline Death Spiral

AMR Flight Attendants Push for US Airways Merger after Contract Passes

Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums

Iraqis helping Iran skirt sanctions: NY Times

"Iraq has been helping Iran skirt economic sanctions imposed because of its nuclear program, using a network of financial institutions and oil-smuggling operations that are providing Tehran with a crucial flow of dollars, the New York Times said on Saturday."

Egypt's Mursi to visit Iran end of August: state agency

"Egypt's Islamist President Mohamed Mursi will visit Iran to attend the Non-Aligned Movement meetings on August 30, Egyptian state news agency MENA said, the first such visit by an Egyptian head of state to Tehran since the Islamic revolution."

Japan, China islands disputes deepen with landings, protests

Growing division in Israel over Iran

Turkish soldiers reportedly turn rifles on Greek border guards

3 women shot to death with assault rifles in central Mexico; 8 bodies found in western Mexico

Afghan Policeman Kills U.S. Service Member on Joint Patrol

Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks

French police on high alert after riots in Amiens

Anti-Japan protests across China over islands dispute

Web snares Vietnam as bloggers spread protests over land

"Farmer Le Dung and his fellow villagers stockpiled rocks and petrol bombs to battle police trying to take over their land for a luxury property development near Vietnam's capital city."


Water shortages hit US power supply

"As the United States' extended heat wave and drought threaten to raise global food prices, energy production is also feeling the pressure. Across the nation, power plants are becoming overheated and shutting down or running at lower capacity; drilling operations struggle to get the water they need, and crops that would become biofuel are withering."
Nuke reactor malfunctions, shuts down at power plant (SKorea)

Tata seeks govt's help for affordable electricity (India)

Global Warming May Affect Existing Nuclear Power Plants

Thousands of cracks found in Belgian nuclear power plant

Infrastructure scavenging

Cable thieves target Lincolnshire railway lines twice in two days (UK)

Got food?

Nebraska Drought 2012: Ranchers Lose Hope Aid Will Come In Time


The Army Has Issued Anti-Suicide Nasal Spray To Keep Troops From Taking The 'Easy Out'


German Spies Active Off Syria Coast: Report

"German spies are stationed off the Syrian coast and are passing on information designed to help rebels in their fight against President Bashar al-Assad, a newspaper reported on Aug. 19."

Disney Developing ‘Physical Face Cloning’


Rightwingers land on Senkakus, hoist flags

Do not underestimate the severity of the Fukushima nuclear crisis: interview



China worries about social fallout of soybean oil price jump

Does China Plan a Gold-backed Renminbi?


Crime-Riddled City Considers Axing Police Force

"Though considered one of the most dangerous places in the country, past budget cuts in Camden, N.J., have forced police layoffs. Now the city is considering even more dramatic steps: replacing the city's police force with one operated by the county."

New York City Jobs: Striking Divergence in Household Survey vs. Establishment Survey

U.S. Takes Another Shot At Networking the Border

"After several well-publicized fits and starts — and almost $1 billion sunk into a canceled program — U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is about to kick off another new program in an attempt to blanket the U.S. southern border with a family of networked surveillance towers."

U.S. faces stiff opposition to emergency oil release plans

"President Barack Obama faced stiff resistance to the possibility of releasing emergency oil reserves to quell rising energy prices on Friday, with Asian allies and the head of the West's energy agency rejecting any need for action now."

Atlas shrugged? Manufacturing seems worn out


And finally… 

World Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships

Ban on 'degrading’ dances for dogs

EBay bans sale of spells and hexes


Jenna Orkin - Free Sunday World News Desk Morning Edition



"The Euro Crisis May Last 20 Years" - The European Headlines Are Back

So then in twenty years, they'll resolve it, right? - JO 

Cows Eating Second Hand Candy During the Drought

Ketchup, onions and rainbow sprinkles, please. - JO

‘Study Predicts Imminent Irreversible Planetary Collapse’

"The authors recommend governments undertake five actions immediately if we are to have any hope of delaying or minimizing a planetary-state-shift. Arne Mooers, an SFU biodiversity professor and a co-author of this study, summarizes them as follows.

“Society globally has to collectively decide that we need to drastically lower our population very quickly. More of us need to move to optimal areas at higher density and let parts of the planet recover. Folks like us have to be forced to be materially poorer, at least in the short term. We also need to invest a lot more in creating technologies to produce and distribute food without eating up more land and wild species. It’s a very tall order.”"

Just ain't gonna happen. Collapse awaits. - Wes

RENO RESIDENT: 'I Feel Like It Is Ground Zero For Collapse'

"The unemployment rate in Reno is now up to 11.7 percent, which is well above the national average of 8.3 percent.  But that doesn't tell the whole story. The recent recession hit Nevada particularly hard and people have been moving out of the state in waves  In fact, the labor force in Nevada has shrunk by close to 20 percent over the past year as workers have moved elsewhere in search of work.  But even though the labor force is now nearly 20 percent smaller, the unemployment rate is still well above 11 percent."

CollapseNet will have full length documentary focused on the challenges and fate of Las Vegas up on the website for members only within a few weeks. We have fantastic footage and interviews! And some unexpected optimism to report.

Look for a trailer later this week. - Wes

Japanese Land on Disputed Islands Days After Chinese Protesters Deported

"Tensions are rising over the islands -- and the right to the energy reserves and fisheries that go with them -- after Japan said it was seeking to buy some owned by a private individual. China called the move unlawful. The dispute has soured ties at a time when Japan is mired in a similar row with South Korea, while China is embroiled in spats with Vietnam and the Philippines over the oil-rich South China Sea. "


Bad News For The Unemployed

"The share of jobless Americans receiving unemployment insurance is declining as Congress winds down long-term benefits.

While the unemployed population has fallen by less than 10 percent in the past year, the insurance rolls are down by nearly 25 percent. The latest numbers show 12.7 million unemployed and 5.6 million getting benefits, compared with 13.9 million jobless and 7.3 million receiving aid at the same time last year."

The numbers are cooked. We have been at Depression-era unemployment numbers for years, and it's only getting worse. See - Wes

No One Will Charged With a Crime for the MF Global Collapse

I nailed this one a couple months ago. Corzine is a  slimey POS, but he is in the Club and that means he can thieve with impunity. - Wes

Lawmakers Suspect Money Laundering Issues at Wal-Mart

It's in Mexico, meaning SOP if they want to be in business. - Wes

Federal Government’s Financial Burden Grows By $10 Million A Minute

Hyperinflation: Still More Than A Monetary Phenomenon

Yeah, it's a starvation phenomenon too. - Wes

New York City Jobs: Striking Divergence in Household Survey vs. Establishment Survey

Reader Question: Why is the Euro So "Strong" in the Face of Break-Up Possibilities?

"Break-Up Could Make EU Function Better" Says Finnish Foreign Minister; Finland Totally Committed to Euro, Yet Prepared BreakupTime for a Shock Doctrine Crisis

The resurgence of the low down payment market

"The dramatic rise in FHA insured loans in a time of historically low rates demonstrates two key aspects of the current American economy. The first point is that many US households have the inability to save for an adequate down payment on housing. Forget about the historical 20 percent down payment but many households cannot scrimp up even a modest 10 percent down payment. The second point is the American economy is still living on leverage. Debt is an elixir best served in moderation but as we are seeing with the low mortgage rates, the country is now setting a threshold where low rates are expected."

Huffing and puffing to blow another bubble that just can't take form. We are a debt-saturated society trying to build another "lost decade". - Wes



Mali: 5 million face starvation

How £11bn pledged for water sanitation aid never arrived

"World aid donors pledged to spend £34bn of water and sanitation aid between 2002 and 2010 but only released £23bn of it, according to a new report by WaterAid and Development Initiatives, Addressing the Shortfall, to be published next week. More than two and a half billion people do not have access to safe sanitation – around a third of the world's population – and almost 800 million go without access to clean drinking water.

The accumulated shortfall of £11bn could have provided clean water to one in seven of those most in need."

Cancer patients left on India's streets

"Nine months ago she arrived in Mumbai after a rattling, 36-hour train ride from Bihar, and apart from a few days either side of an operation to remove a breast at the beginning of July, she has spent every night bedding down in a makeshift shack on the pavement outside the hospital’s main entrance. “It’s very tough for us to live. We don’t have money to rent a room or to travel,” she said. “We keep a piece of wood to hand to scare away the rats.”

She is not alone. In the streets surrounding the city’s Tata Memorial Hospital there are scores of people camped out in pavement shacks, either patients themselves or relatives of those undergoing treatment. Most are obliged to wait here for months; some end up staying for years."

So sad...and demonstrative of collapse accelerated. - Wes

What's Making The Drought Even Worse

Do You Want To Know If Your Food's Been Genetically Modified?

‘A Soft Veil of Descending Pesticide’ for Dallas

What The Threat Of A Global Food Crisis Means For World Markets

The Price of Gas: Pain at the Pump Ranked by Country

Here's How China's Propaganda Machine Wants Journalists To Cover Food Safety Concerns

Electricity Consumption Reveals A Lot About The Economy And It's Down In The US

"I like this indicator because it is a measure that covers everything, not just manufacturing. I can’t think of too many businesses that don’t need electricity to run. When business is bad, electricity consumption falls and vice versa. In addition, when times are bad, people at home turn the lights out and turn the air conditioning thermostat up a degree or two.  When people feel good about their economic prospects, what the hell, leave the lights on and turn the a/c down full blast.

The long term view of this indicator says that the economy has done nothing. The year to year data shows a decline of 1.9% from last July. The 12 month moving average is also slightly declining. This suggests that in total, the economy is not expanding.  Other economic indicators reflect slow growth. Can an economy grow without increasing electricity use? Something is out of whack. Place your bets accordingly."

Agreed. It's another indicator of the coming decline in the markets that I've been talking about. - Wes 



America's blight to bear arms

Genetically Engineering ‘Ethical’ Babies Is a Moral Obligation, Says Oxford Professor

F-you Dr. Frankenstein. How about people just take parenting seriously and raise their kids to be good people? - Wes

‘Mind-Control’ Gaming Devices Leak Brain Data That Help Researchers Guess Users’ Secrets

Former U.S. Marine, Brandon Raub, Arrested and Taken to Mental Hospital for Facebook Posts

Saudi Arabia’s National Oil Company Kills Network After Cyber Attack

‘Who’s Your Daddy’ Truck Rolls Through NYC

Unblinking Surveillance Stare: Army’s 7-Story Flying Football Field-Sized Blimp

Big Blimpy Brother. - Wes

Israeli Soldier, Who Killed Two Women Fleeing Fighting Under White Flag, Sentenced to 45 Days in Jail

I see the Israelis have a "Just-Us' system too. - Wes

Plane Carrying Philippine Interior Secretary Crashes Into The Ocean

I Went Back To Afghanistan With The US Marines And It's Worse There Than Ever

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