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Japan Investigates Reports Of Radiation-Detector Tampering; Spain Is Out Of Money In 40 Days


Rice Farmer - Evening Edition

Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards

'Black Friday' Blame-Game Escalates As Spain Is Out Of Money In 40 Days

Greece seeks billions of euros more in cuts

IMF Seeks to Halt Aid to Greece; September Bankruptcy Awaits; Dominoes Will Fall

Flood risk rampant across Asia's factory zones

"Global insurance companies are struggling to get a grip on their flood exposure in Asia nearly a year after one of the world's costliest disasters hit Thailand, with executives fearing an even worse event looms in the region."

The Disastrous 40-Year Debt Supercycle Is Coming To an End (interview with David Stockman)

Offices stand empty in tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa

Monetary Insanity: ECB Considers Negative Interest Rates

World's super-rich 'hid $21trn in secret tax havens'

Banco Santander To Shut 96 UK High Street Branches - Report

Airline Death Spiral

American Airlines reports loss, despite record revenue

Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums

US Abandons ‘Diplomatic’ Efforts, Aims to Forcibly Oust Syrian Govt

Islamic fighters flocking to Syria

Shots fired from Egypt at Israeli troops, none hurt

Blast rocks Egypt's gas pipeline to Israel, Jordan

"An explosion on Sunday rocked the Egyptian pipeline built to carry natural gas to Israel and Jordan, the 15th time it has been attacked since the start of the uprising in early 2011 that toppled President Hosni Mubarak."

China to formally garrison disputed South China Sea

"China's powerful Central Military Commission has approved the formal establishment of a military garrison for the disputed South China Sea, state media said on Sunday, in a move which could further boost tensions in already fractious region."

Bombs kill 20 and wound 80 across Iraq 


Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks


More protests in Spain amid escalating financial crisis

Vietnam activists hold another anti-China rally

Anti-government demos in Bahrain

Guyana seeks to end violent protest over electricity rate increase

Wheelchair-bound Israeli veteran sets himself on fire

Thousands Take to Mexico City Streets in Election Protest

Philippines workers in Saudi 'on hunger strike'


Green power failure

"The Amonix solar manufacturing plant in North Las Vegas went belly-up last week, closing its 214,000-square-foot facility just a year after it opened and becoming the latest tax-subsidized alternative energy operation to go bust."

Fool me twice, shame on me: The oil industry repackages the fake abundance story (from the late 1990s)

"That was the industry's story right before a decade-long climb in oil prices that ended with an all-time high in 2008. Only the oil industry would now have the audacity once again to peddle a story that it has gotten wrong for more than a decade as if it were brand new. Enlisting the media and its army of paid consultants, the industry is once again telling the public that oil abundance is at hand. And, what is doubly audacious is that it is promoting this tale as oil prices hover at levels more than eight times the 1999 low. Clearly, the industry is counting on collective amnesia to shield it from ridicule."

Got food?

Indian port congestion hits grain supply as prices spike

"Congestion at Indian ports is delaying corn and rice shipments to Asia and Africa, dealing a fresh blow to buyers stung by record-high global grain prices  as a worsening US drought threatens to spark a shortage in food supply. Ships faced up to 25 days of waiting at ports on India's east coast, traders and port officials said on Friday, delaying cargoes to millers who are heavily relying on cheaper South Asian shipments amid tight US and South American supplies."

Report: US has fewest cattle in at least 4 decades

Forget Corn, Is Soy Poised For Lift-Off?


Coca-Cola, PepsiCo can't ignore health issues

"Coca-Cola (KO -0.67%), PepsiCo (PEP -0.66%) and the rest of the carbonated beverage industry can't afford to ignore Thursday's call by health activists and some cities for the U.S. Surgeon General to conduct a comprehensive study on the health effects of soda, much like the landmark report on the dangers cigarette smoking decades ago."

Water scarcity in the tropical Andes: Population growth outweighs climate change

In pictures: Beijing's deadly deluge


New lab working on security shoe sole to ID people

Senators revive cybersecurity bill, with changes

McClatchy joins quote-approval opposition

Make Your Own Remote-Control Spy Blimp

The Power Strip That Lets You Snoop On An Entire Network

It's Terrifying and Sickening that Microsoft Can Now Listen In on All My Skype Calls


 Organizers getting fatigued from growing anti-nuke protests

"As crowds of anti-nuclear protesters near the Prime Minister's Official Residence reach as many as 90,000, the networks of small groups that have organized the Friday night demonstrations are becoming victims of their own success."

Japan's steelmakers see profit dive 80% in April-June quarter


Beijing chaos after record floods in Chinese capital

Vacations are becoming more expensive in China

Profit at major Chinese state companies down


Vegetables imports on shelves as rainfall leads to British shortages

"Supermarkets are being forced to import vegetables from abroad after the wet and cold summer weather has led to many traditional British crops running late and reduced yields."

Milk dispute: Dairy farmers in third night of protests

Farmers, forestry workers and fishermen happier than the rest of us, ONS study to find


U.S. poverty on track to rise to highest since 1960s

More Americans Put Off Medical Treatment as Costs Rise

The Real Cost of a Sweltering Summer

Drought casting shadow on Deere, ADM’s outlook

Energy emergency declared in northeast Wisconsin after fuel pipeline shutdown

Commentary: Texas GOP wages war on thinking

U.S. economy moving sideways again


And finally… 21 burned in walk over hot coals at Tony Robbins event


Jenna Orkin - Morning Edition



Japan Investigates Reports Of Radiation-Detector Tampering

"Japan's health ministry said it would investigate reports that workers at the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant were urged by a subcontractor to place lead around radiation detection devices in order to stay under a safety threshold for exposure."
Wish I could be surprised. What I don't get is why any workers would comply - it's their own goose getting cooked. - Wes

'Black Friday' Blame-Game Escalates As Spain Is Out Of Money In 40 Days

"With Valencia bust, Spanish bonds at all-time record spreads to bunds, and yields at euro-era record highs, Spain's access to public markets for more debt is as good as closed. What is most concerning however, as FAZ reports, is that "the money will last [only] until September", and "Spain has no 'Plan B". Yesterday's market meltdown - especially at the front-end of the Spanish curve - is now being dubbed 'Black Friday' and the desperation is clear among the Spanish elite."

The Economic Collapse For Dummies

China to formally garrison disputed South China Sea

"China has a substantial military presence in the South China Sea and the move is essentially a further assertion of its sovereignty claims after it last month upped the administrative status of the seas to the level of a city, which it calls Sansha."

Greek PM sees country in "Great Depression"

"Greece is in a "Great Depression" similar to the American one in the 1930s, the country's Prime Minister Antonis Samaras told former U.S. President Bill Clinton on Sunday.

Samaras's comments come two days before a team of Greece's international lenders arrive in Athens to push for further austerity measures if the debt-laden country wants to qualify for further rescue payments and avoid a chaotic default."

War or revolution is next. – Wes

An Earthquake in a Maze - Caltech Media Relations

"The powerful magnitude-8.6 earthquake that shook Sumatra on April 11, 2012, was a seismic standout for many reasons, not the least of which is that it was larger than scientists thought an earthquake of its type—an intraplate strike-slip quake—could ever be. Now, as Caltech researchers report on their findings from the first high-resolution observations of the underwater temblor, they point out that the earthquake was also unusually complex—rupturing along multiple faults that lie at nearly right angles to one another, as though racing through a maze."

FBI theater attack warning issued on May 17, 2012 ...

Can any of you see the document clearly enough to verify whether it is what it claims to be? - JO



The end of Wall Street as we know it?

"What has happened instead is a multi-year squeeze on their activity that is shrinking Wall Street banks, cutting headcount and bonuses, and gutting the returns that shareholders used to enjoy."

I'm not buying it, but they couldn't die fast enough to suit me. - Wes

Student loan defaults mimic subprime woes

Do you think they will bail out any of the students saddled with unpayable debt because there are no jobs? Hell no. If a bailout comes, it will be to private banks only. The federal government will just buy up the bad loans. Then use the power of the IRS to collect down the road.- Wes

Latest Turmoil in Spain: What You Need to Know
"...intense protests across the country. 80 different cities engulfed and every single day there appears to be more austerity measures. the most upsetting is the spaniards are losing what they call the Christmas bonus."

California County Weighs Drastic Plan to Aid Homeowners

"Desperate for a way out of a housing collapse that has crippled the region, officials in San Bernardino County, where Fontana is one of the largest cities, are exploring a drastic option — using eminent domain to buy up mortgages for homes that are underwater.

Then, the idea goes, the county could cut the mortgages to the current value of the homes and resell the mortgages to a private investment firm, which would allow homeowners to lower their monthly payments and hang onto their property."

It's a very creative idea, providing the housing market will get back to infinite growth. Without cheap infinite energy, we know that isn't going to happen. Putting that issue aside, where's the money going to come from in these broke counties to implement this idea? I see wheels spinning in panic. - Wes

Forget Corn, Is Soy Poised For Lift-Off?

All food prices are going up. Get as ready as you can.- Wes



Extreme Weather 2012: Last Month Was Fourth Warmest June On Record

It's Not Just Spills—the Climate Risks of Arctic Drilling

"...a new report by the NGO Clean Air Task Force (CATF) shows that an oil spill isn’t the only risk that Arctic drilling poses to the environment. Methane and black carbon, two potent greenhouses gases, will likely be emitted in significant amounts if drilling in the Arctic proves as lucrative as many oil companies are hoping for. Exactly how much additional greenhouse gas will be released by the production of Arctic oil isn’t clear—and depends on whether drillers and regulators take steps to reduce the warming side effects of drilling."

IIn Zimbabwe, Land Takeover a Golden Lining? - from Per Fagereng

Wrong crop, but the right way of land reform. - PF

Chavez's gasoline rationing plan causes uproar

"In neighboring Colombia, drivers pay 40 times as much as Venezuelans to tank up — $1.25 a liter ($4.73 a gallon), compared to 3 U.S. cents a liter (11 cents a gallon).

So much gasoline is being taken out of Venezuela illegally that President Hugo Chavez's socialist government imposed rationing on motorists in one state bordering Colombia last year, and now it's touched off a furor in a second border state by announcing it will ration gasoline there, too."

Cheap power under our feet (geothermal)

"Hot rocks technology, which uses the heat of the Earth's core to generate power, will soon become a reality in Britain. Plans have been unveiled to tap into geothermal resources at five sites, including one in Manchester with the potential to heat 7m homes."
Spanish fish barons admit taking illegal catches in UK waters

Fracking Insurance: Winners and Losers

WATCH: Letterman On Fracking: 'We're Screwed'

Extreme Heat, Drought to Bake Crops Through August

Farms Sprouting Up on Urban Rooftops

"In June, Lightfoot's company, BrightFarms, announced a deal with The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, part of A&P, to provide New York City-grown vegetables to the local chain's supermarkets year-round. The goods will grow in what the company says will be the country's largest rooftop greenhouse farm, a high-tech hydroponic operation that will boost yields, allowing the company to face-off with organic vegetables trucked from California, cutting thousands of miles from the supply chain while aiming to provide a fresher product at a competitive price."

Glimmers of hope. - Wes



The Terrifying Background of a Man Who Ran a CIA Assassination Unit

"It was one of the biggest secrets of the post-9/11 era: soon after the attacks, President Bush gave the CIA permission to create a top secret assassination unit to find and kill Al Qaeda operatives. The program was kept from Congress for seven years. And when Leon Panetta told legislators about it in 2009, he revealed that the CIA had hired the private security firm Blackwater to help run it. "The move was historic," says Evan Wright, the two-time National Magazine Award-winning journalist who wrote Generation Kill. "It seems to have marked the first time the U.S. government outsourced a covert assassination service to private enterprise.""

Aurora shootings: 'Some men just want to watch the world burn'

Feds dismiss largest US human trafficking case

"HONOLULU - A federal judge dismissed human trafficking charges Friday against executives and business associates of a labor recruiting company accused of exploiting hundreds of farm workers from Thailand by putting them into debt, confiscating their passports and threatening to deport them.

The move came after prosecutors requested dismissal of the case against CEO Mordechai Orian and Director of International RelationsPraneeTubchumpol of Global Horizons Manpower Inc., and business associates."

The real bad guys always seem to get off the hook. It's another fine example of our "Just-Us" system at work. - Wes


Civil Unrest/Politics 


Riot murder trial judge ordered BBC not to broadcast documentaries  

Whose Roads? Our Roads! OWS Activist Gets Low Mileage But High Visibility

Who Is Funding The Presidential Race? A List Of The Uber-Wealthy Behind The PACs

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