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It’s Not a Conspiracy… It Just Is!

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con·spir·a·cy [kuhn-spir-uh-see]  noun

  1. the act of conspiring.
  2. an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.
  3. a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose: He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government.
  4. Law. an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.
  5. any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.

This junction we are at in human history is not one filled with conspiracies. It’s one filled with very blatant injustices and co-ordinated, immoral oppression and lies. It is a David and Goliath story, and if the slingshot is going to hit the big monster in the eye then there are a few things that have to happen first.  One of the biggest is this: David has to stop discrediting himself by calling what he genuinely believes a conspiracy.  David has to stop lumping indisputable facts under the same umbrella as distracting nonsense.   David has to stop letting Goliath frame the argument, and stop coming at the beast with weapons of his choosing in arenas of his beastly construction.  It’s time to learn a thing or two about PR from our friend Goliath, acknowledge that the playing field is not even and stop playing nice.

There’s a very real chance David is permanently, and irreversibly screwed.  Goliath doesn’t need help, but David keeps giving it to him, and the tables get more and more tilted with every passing day. So let’s cut to the heart of things here, because we don’t have time to keep going down the same path.

There is no conspiracy.  There are no secret societies.  There is no mass cover up.  It’s all very transparent, very out in the open and it’s time to stop allowing facts to be buried in a big, all dismissing pile labelled ‘conspiracy.’ Immediately, by associating reality, history, facts and testimonials under this umbrella, you have dismissed them as fiction.  This word is poison.  Regardless of the origins of the word or the true meaning, the reality is that in the modern world the word ‘conspiracy’ means ‘nonsense’ to the average person.  It’s a dismissive, belittling word that immediately conjures up drug-addled, tin-foil hat associations. 

The other problem with the word conspiracy is that it gives far too much credit to the people in charge.  They’re not that smart folks, they’re just human beings.  Extremely fallible, selfish, cogs in the machinery and out for their own personal gain. It’s not so transparently sinister and evil.  The evil actions of those at the top of the pyramid are quite simply a by-product of a socio-economic system that demands such behavior at all costs and rewards it.  The multi-national corporations are fuelled by the same motivations that make most of us individuals complicit in the same kind of immoral behavior.  We judge each other based on our economic status and we do anything to raise our own status, including oppressing and belittling our fellow citizens.  Nations, companies and individuals operate the way they do, not because of a callous desire to oppress others; they do so to make numbers go up on graphs, so that numbers can go up on other graphs, because this is exactly what our economic structure demands. 

To think that there’s a group of ten men sitting in a room smoking cigars and talking to aliens, laughing at our misfortune and plotting the next perfectly executed collusion of media, government and corporate entities is a distraction and a fallacy.  There are plenty of rooms full of men and women, sometimes smoking cigars, and destroying the world… but none of them are as intelligent, devious or impressive as your average conspiracy theory would suggest.  They’re just fulfilling a natural role in a social structure designed to put sociopathic assholes in a room, smoking cigars and playing their part.  If these specific people were to all drop dead tomorrow, not a damned thing would change, new suits and ties would enter the room, pick up the still burning cigars and things would continue just as they have for centuries. 

The only possible remedy to the seemingly perpetual situation is for individual people to talk to each other honestly and to stop swallowing and regurgitating the overwhelming, dumbed down, smoke screen propaganda that is also a by-product of the same economic structure.  To self-educate, analyze critically and stop repeating things they’ve been told to believe and debating non-issues they’ve been instructed to care about.  To stop being afraid of a conversation and an argument, and to start… oh who are we kidding?

Unfortunately, if the big wake up was going to happen, it would have happened by now.  I’d love to be proven wrong… but based on rather depressing and consistent behavior from the majority of the old human species, it isn’t likely folks.  The only sliver of hope we have is that ideas can be planted and can bloom in the long term.  The human rights movements of the 60’s were violently suppressed and flagrantly opposed.  The same happened to labour movements, freedom movements and many other examples throughout history of decent human beings just trying to not be oppressed so savagely and blatantly.

In time, those good ideas resonated in the minds of most and at least on a small scale, formerly accepted savage and immoral behavior became socially unacceptable.  So I’d suggest we stop getting distracted by small, individual, fringe causes and conspiracy talk, and unite under one common, undeniable cause.  Humanity Before Currency.  All the rest is just details.  Stop worshipping those who have attained success in a fundamentally flawed system that rewards evil behavior.  Don’t respect the guy with twelve houses and forty cars.  Mock him, openly.  Shun him.  Let him know he is not a medieval lord, and nobody is impressed.  Our real issues are all obvious.  They are all solvable.  But Goliath has the upper hand, and all David has is this little thing called the internet, a keyboard, and the freedom to say anything, anytime, to anyone else with it.  At least for now.  This is the slingshot.  It’s the only chance we’ve got.  The ability to communicate freely, to ignore propaganda, and frame the arguments we all know are the real issues in this world. 

I got news for you folks, slavery isn’t over.  There’s millions upon millions of slaves around the world who don’t have this freedom.  They have no keyboard, and no slingshot.  It’s not a cliché, it’s a fact, and it’s another by-product of this social structure.  Let’s start there.  That’s a much more important issue than gay marriage, abortion or taxes.  Millions upon millions of human beings born into slavery in the year 2012.  Entire countries full of human beings permanently indebted by usury and blatant economic enslavement… all for the sake of graphs and charts and numbers.  It’s not a conspiracy, it just is.   

Line up the eyeball, David.  You got one shot to take down the beast.  And the odds are not in your favor.



Danny is an award winning screenwriter, professional stand-up comedian and versatile content producer with Timshel Pictures and his comedy website  Danny has been writing about political and social issues on his personal blog since 2010 and really wishes his words could change the world, but is not terribly convinced that's possible.  Danny Mendlow's first novel, a science fiction satire co-written by Zack Mitchell is completed and preparing for publication and distribution in late 2012. You can read more of his blogs at

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