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WikiLeaks: World Leaders Thought 1984 Was a Political Manifesto (Humor)

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The whistleblowing website Wikileaks has released documents revealing what many intellectuals have been fearing for decades... that huge numbers of influential political and business leaders actually thought the satire 1984 was in fact a blueprint for the future of human society.  

"Wow, we are really sorry," announced one prominent official.  "We had no idea he was trying to warn us this is the direction we might be heading.  We thought it was a step by step guideline as to where we ought to go, and that we were 16 years behind schedule. You have to admit though, we were doing a pretty good job, timeline aside."  
When pressed for an explanation as to how the plan was coming along, the relieved official continued:  "Well we had started forming the super continents with formation of the EU and the beginnings of the North American Union.  We had started the fringe wars near the borders in areas of high resource concentration with Iraq and Afghanistan, and we are of course expanding those to other areas now.  The media was making great headway towards doublespeak and newspeak, and in fact the general population had begun to police each other very well.  Thoughtcrime was coming along fantastically, with people's entire careers being toppled by a simple slip of the tongue.  Outrage and offended gasps at anything resembling independent thought are common place nowadays.  People are rallying on behalf of giant corporations, demanding they get paid lower wages to work longer hours.  Freedom is Slavery you see.  And, more than ever before, thanks to reality television, ignorance IS bliss my friend.  I'd say we were only a few short decades away from a complete and total Orwellian world."
But luckily, the mistake has been uncovered and acknowledged, so there's no need to continue.  We can peel back what has been done and instead move towards a more free and open society.  Right?
"Well, not exactly.  I think there are plenty of things we ought to keep in mind.  The world is more peaceful now than it ever has been.  Dissent is at an all time low.  I think, for example, 'War is Peace' has proven to be a wonderfully successful operation.  We have ongoing wars, that will never end, but they're happening in places nobody cares about, far from home.  We can talk about them and support the troops and what not, but they don't really affect our comfortable lives. And I don't see how anyone can say that's a bad thing.  And if they do say that, well, I'm pretty sure there's a jail cell right next to Bradley Manning available."
He smiled.  Then he leaned back and lit up a cigar.  And he looked at me.
I knew he was right.
And I wanted to fight with all my will against him.  But I knew we had already lost.  Three hundred million people, all with the same face.  It had happened.  It was happening.  It would continue to happen. 
But it was all right.  Everything was all right, the struggle was finished.
I won the victory over myself.
I loved Big Brother.
Expert Reporting by,
Danny Mendlow
Danny is an award winning screenwriter, professional stand-up comedian and versatile content producer with Timshel Pictures and his comedy website http://toofar.tv.  Danny has been writing about political and social issues on his personal blog since 2010 and really wishes his words could change the world, but is not terribly convinced that's possible.  Danny Mendlow's first novel, a science fiction satire co-written by Zack Mitchell is completed and preparing for publication and distribution in late 2012. You can read more of his blogs at http://dannymendlow.wordpress.com/.

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