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Tear Down The Wall! CollapseNet's Past, Present and Future on the Eve of Our 2nd Anniversary Part II – Where We Stand

Written by Wesley Miller
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Tear Down The Wall!

CollapseNet's Past, Present and Future on the Eve of Our 2nd Anniversary

Part II – Where We Stand

By Wesley T. Miller - President & CEO

I want all of our original members, especially those folks who bought the one-year or lifetime memberships that got CollapseNet off the ground 2 years ago, to understand exactly where we are at and where we would like to go.

CollapseNet exists to stand as a beacon of truth against the forces of fascism and oppression of freedom anywhere. We aim to bring you the best and most useful information and analysis on topics of importance to your life, health, and freedom. Read our new Mission Statement and Editorial Statement here. The more support we have from our members and donors, the more depth of reporting and feature writing we plan to make available.

CollapseNet is also a social network of like-minded people preparing for collapse, keeping each other informed and entertained across continents and cultures, and supporting each other against the forces of oppression wherever they be found.

Our position is akin to what JFK once said: “Those who make non-violent revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”

CollapseNet is here to help those who would make non-violent revolution possible. We are a source of valuable information, communication, and community, all for the purpose of helping to save ourselves from any number of impending calamities while descending the curve of resource depletion as civilized human beings.

One of my best mentors once told me, “Where you sit is where you stand.”

I’ve been studying collapse related issues for almost a decade - longer if you include the unintentional study that comes with a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science. I’ve been a close friend and colleague with Mike Ruppert, running this business, for over 2 years. I have my own opinion on the state of the world and from where I sit, here’s what I see:



  • Runaway global warming is happening right now and is unstoppable. Global dimming has prevented the worst in terms of temperature rise and it appears to be government policy amongst industrialized nations to keep polluting unabated, for if they stop and particulates clear from the air, carbon dioxide and methane will cause our temperatures to rise swiftly to the levels already anticipated by climatologists, and beyond. Negative feedback loops are in play and cannot be stopped, so the previous worst case scenarios are now really the best case scenarios. Global warming/climate change will make the Earth mostly uninhabitable by the end of this century.


  • The Fascists won. They tried to take over in the “Business Plot” of the 1930’s and were only stopped by the famous U.S. Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler. We beat them back, at least outside the U.S., in the 1940’s, but it made some of our home-grown fascists richer anyway. (Read about Prescott Bush, Henry Ford, and IBM for starters). President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us of their rise again in the 1950’s. In the 1960’s, they killed their opponents and had their coup. After September 11, 2001, they took over overtly and now act brazenly in defiance of the U.S.  Constitution. It’s not even hidden anymore –the sitting U.S. President, a supposed constitutional scholar and law professor, uses the same policies of torture (Bradley Manning), rendition, secret prisons and assassinations that his fascist predecessor started ineptly. He is a pawn of Wall Street, the ultimate corporate protector and “populist” hypocrite. He wasted no time becoming Bloody Barack - the good guy? Hope for what again?


  • The EU and Euro are about to be history, the oil depletion curve is going to bite us hard in the next few years (imagine what happens when Saudi Arabia’s production curve goes like this Russian oil production chart, and continues down), every government is broke and must contract services as a result, hyper-inflation is waiting in the wings. The list of economic emergencies goes on, and on, and on…


  • In terms of politics, the situation has only gotten worse from when Carlin said this in 1996: Sorry fellow Ron Paul fans, he gave up trying to be elected POTUS. Time to deal with it.


  • There are no political saviors. I don’t even think it can be argued that corporations have taken control of and corrupted all western governments. Real change will only come from the people.



(Quick note: You don’t have to agree with everything I think, but if you ever have any doubts about the tone of my writing or what I mean by something, think of it from George Carlin’s perspective and you will likely be right. When the choice is to laugh or cry, I choose laughter if I can bear it.)


  • NO ONE knows exactly how and when various “cliff events” will happen, or the timing, or severity of collapse in any given place. Two years ago, Mike wasn’t sure that we would even have an Internet by this point in time, yet here we are. Collapse is a process, not an event, and the pace and severity will be different depending on a variety of factors – location, assets, community, etc.


Look, the fact of the matter is our species is screwed six ways from Sunday. We’ve fouled our own nest with nowhere else to go. Everybody in charge is either compromised or corrupt. There are no magic bullets.

Yet I stand here ready to fight for our future as best I can.

Why? Because I love my children,

(Shea, Bridget and Jake Miller)

and if I don’t fight for their future, if WE don’t fight for OUR future, we guarantee the end result. We would be consciously failing our children, ourselves and our species, all for a suicidal spree of greed and arrogance.

I can’t sit with that, so here I stand…

(Please come back tomorrow for the final installment, Part III – Where We Are Going, in which Wesley discusses CollapseNet’s place on the web and the future of CollapseNet.)

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