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Michael C. Ruppert

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Story Correction (March 13, 2011 0945 PST) -- Late last night we learned that one of the maps we included with our alert was fraudulent and posted by a source other than the Australian entity which was claimed. That map has been removed from our story.  On initial review of the map all sourcing appeared to be correct. We thank those who brought the fraud to our attention. Mistakes happen and it has always been my policy, whenever I made one, to admit it, apologize and correct it immediately.
As of this writing there is still serious concern for three Fukushima reactors and a catastrophic core meltdown has not been ruled out although it does appear (thankfully) that the situation is less perilous than we at first believed. Today mainstream media is abundantly noting the many conflicting statements and stories from official sources and mainstream media on the actual condition of the reactors. It is obvious that preventing a panic is of extreme importance in Japan. It would obviously make things worse there.  However, not only is the situation not over, as time passes there are certain to be similar events as a result of infrastructure aging or even the possibility of a nuclear exchange as international tensions continue to mount during collapse. Having potassium iodide on hand is an inexpensive prophylactic that should remain in your family's toolkit. We have been recommending at Collapsenet for many months now.

That human beings could forge and post a fraudulent map like the one we have removed from the story with the intent to deceive at a time like this is reprehensible beyond words. Nonetheless, in the wake of the lies told about the safety of the Gulf after Deepwater Horizon, Collapsenet maintains a very healthy and well-justified skepticism about any official pronouncement from any official source in any disaster. The maps that remain included in the alert showing trade wind pattens from San Francisco State University are valid and remain. I personally apologize for the error and hope that those who made and posted the map are identified and someday held accountable. -- MCR

March 12, 2011, 1100 PST – CULVER CITY – I have been travelling after my speech two days ago at the University of Delaware. Late this afternoon I will speak at the “Z Day” event at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

At Collapsenet we are monitoring events in Japan closely and are receiving regular updates from two of our most valued staff members, Supervising Editor Dale Sinner and the indispensible Rice Farmer many of you know from the World News Desk. Both live in Japan and are safe, and all of their family members are out of immediate danger… for the time being.

I will be devoting my entire radio show tomorrow to discussing the impact that the Japanese disaster will have on modern industrial civilization. Join us on “The Lifeboat Hour” at the Progressive Radio Network from 9-10 PM Eastern. – MCR

Collapsenet has been recommending that its members obtain supplies of potassium iodide consistently for at least six months.

Potassium iodide is an inexpensive, non-prescription drug which effectively prevents the thyroid glands from absorbing radioactive fallout. The primary danger from exposure to dangerous levels of atmospheric radiation is very rapid (and almost direct) absorption of radiation by the thyroid glands which can then distribute lethal doses throughout the body via the lymphatic system to all organs and systems. Potassium iodide helps to prevent the initial absorption of radiation which, depending upon exposure levels, can kill or debilitate within a matter of hours or days.

Potassium iodide is not without its own risks.  Do not take potassium iodide without knowing the potential side affects.

Information is available here:

Read up on it and make every effort to obtain a supply for you and your family as soon as possible. It can be ordered online and is also found in many health food and drug outlets.

As the following image (obtained moments ago) demonstrates, the entire Pacific Coast of North America is at risk of exposure as prevailing trade winds could carry radiation directly to our shores within an estimated 36-48 hours of total meltdown.

(To see a full interactive display of projected prevailing trade winds go to the above link and select the “Animated Loop” option for the northern hemisphere.)

According to numerous news sources, Japanese officials are locked in a last-ditch effort to cool the core of one of the reactors at the Fukushima nuclear power station. They are currently pumping highly corrosive seawater into the reactor and are apparently having little success in slowing the uncontrolled chain reaction. A short time ago a nuclear expert stated on CNN that it was at this point likely that a catastrophic core meltdown would occur.

If that happens, a massive – and as yet inestimable amount of radiation (certainly on the order of Chernobyl and Three Mile Island), now combined with (and made more dangerous by) salts from the seawater, would be leaked or injected directly into the atmosphere. In a worst-case scenario this could be combined with a large explosion that would propel the radiation upwards to higher altitudes, allowing the radiation to reach the Jet Stream more quickly. Any radiation leak will eventually reach the Jet Stream.

In the immediate shock and aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, a comprehensive assessment of it impact is both difficult and should not be rushed. Whether the outcome is better or worse than we can speculate about at the moment it is clear that Japan’s economic back has been broken right along with its physical one. There can be and there will be no rebuilding to put Japan back in place. For the first time in history it will be manifested in spades that there are not enough resources of any kind, anywhere to do that. At this point our first task is to stay on top of immediate dangers and challenges.

All of our hearts break at the magnitude of a disaster which is still continuing. All of weep and our hearts break for the proud and honorable people of a great nation and culture. Today we are all Japanese and we watch their fate as if it was our own.

Because it is.


Oil refining capacity is going to be a huge factor in the days ahead. Over the next two weeks I anticipate a serious global shortage of diesel fuel to run generators. Immediate disruptions in the supply chain, reprioritization and recalibration of refineries around the world, plus the critical issue of delivery of refined diesel for electrical generation is one of the two or three most-pressing issues right now. The absolute first priority however is to get control of the nuclear reactors and prevent and total meltdown at Fukushima.

Human industrial civilization runs on electricity.  Without electricity there will be no refrigeration for food or drugs. There will be no lights in operating rooms. There will be no telecommunications. Just shipping unrefined crude to Japan would be like sending the Japanese people a bunch of rice seeds and asking them to grow crops to solve an immediate food shortage.

As we posted on the World News Desk today, Britain’s Chief of the UK grid recently announced that the era of constant, uninterrupted power to British homes has ended. It has most-certainly ended for Japan and it will be starting to end here in the United States, probably within months.

Collapsenet was created for situations like this. We’re on it and we will stay on it.  The Real Tsunami is the collapse of human industrial civilization. From this point we can expect that the cascade of disasters will increase in both tempo and severity as the complexity of our civilization proves to us all that we are one species, on one planet, and that “Butterfly Effects” can quickly become a stampede, feeding off of each other and accelerating the collapse.


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