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Introducing the World News Stream


Introducing The World News Stream!

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If you found your way to CollapseNet then you probably suspect that the mainstream media is not reliable, and even obscures reality to some degree.  The corporate news media landscape is chaotic, complicated, opaque, and even toxic (When was the last network TV news show you watched that wasn’t sponsored by big oil & gas?).  Essential news stories all too easily get marginalized, buried, or just lost in the noise.

There are too many under-reported events of consequence happening in this world of clashing paradigms.  Too many critical, intriguing, uplifting, and potentially life-altering news stories fly past unnoticed, and even if noticed by the corporate media, they lack proper context when presented as a sound-bite.

Our team realized we needed to develop something new and different to capture and manage the vast amounts of information bombarding us from all angles.  We wanted something that would filter the news down to a manageable size; more importantly, display it in a useable form.

The World News Stream is the result of our addressing this challenge.  The software provides an aggregation of blog posts and news articles tagged by key words and organized by source, starting with the most recent and going back chronologically. It is updated several times an hour - just refresh your browser every now and then for new stories to appear.  At launch, we have 77 news sources in our news stream.  We intend to grow that number into the hundreds as our members send us suggestions and our staff vets them for reliability of content.  This service has been designed and developed with our members in mind, and we expect it to expand and evolve over time.

We saw the great potential of what we were creating with the World News Stream almost immediately, and it was clear that we needed to rapidly get this new tool into the hands of our members.  Therefore we made the decision to launch the present version while still discussing potential future features.  (That means it will get even more cool over the next few months!)  We will be adding more news sources, correcting errors, and improving functionality in the weeks ahead.

As it is at launch, the World News Stream:

  • brings you a constantly fresh "stream" of essential news from around the world on topics of interest to all of our members;
  • sources are vetted for reliability using respectable news/information sources;
  • is fully searchable so you can track your interests, news trends and patterns, and quickly filter out unwanted Internet and media “noise”;
  • allows articles to be shared with anyone via social media whether they are CollapseNet members or not; and,
  • allows the addition of Member Blogs into the News Stream to encourage member analysis, commentary and discussion of news stream articles or original blog posts.


CollapseNet’s goal is to be the best source of legitimate non-corporate and alternative news media on the Internet, therefore our standards require sources to provide reality and fact-based information, analysis and opinion.  We have carefully selected our news sources to make sure they are relevant and reputable, and that their standards reflect respect for fairness and accuracy.  However, CollapseNet is not blindly endorsing any particular opinion, author, or publisher found on the World News Steam.  All news articles should be read with a critical eye.

We encourage our members to send us suggestions for sources to add to the World News Stream.  Please keep the sources reputable.  CollapseNet will not allow junk science or info-tainment websites into the stream intentionally.

As with anything new, we expect that performance issues may crop up.  Please help us identify them.  We look forward to your comments, questions, and suggestions sent via email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Members, please login and take a look! We are confident you will appreciate our efforts.

Thank you for your support.

- Collapse Network Team

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