Wednesday, 07 November 2012 18:23

CollapseNet Post-Election Review

From Wes Miller:

What was my prediction for the election yesterday? 100% accurate was what it was. 

did my own last minute analysis of the polls and gave my projection based on the current trends and momentum I saw, and I sent it in for publication to our staff at around 6:30 AM (before anyone else made similar calls). I nailed it. I was right about every single State, right about 332 electoral votes and right about a narrow popular vote win, too.

No sooner had the election been called last night than I saw every network turn immediately to talk of a "Grand Bargain", and Obama clearly laid the groundwork for it with his acceptance speech. Expect that to be the major focus of the mainstream media, CEO's, Wall Street and both party machines going into December. I expect the most intense and far-reaching attempt in recent memory to solve structural debt issues by going after "entitlements reforms" for programs including Medicare and Social Security, immigration reform, defense spending, taxes on the wealthy ("Bush tax cuts") - it's all going to be on the table to some extent. I can't tell you whether the attempt will be successful yet or not because the lunatics in the Republican party are not exactly stable, but I will say that this will likely be the only chance the Republicans will have of attacking any of the New Deal agenda for quite some time into the future and if they do not deal now, the Republican party may collapse into irrelevance before their next chance to win back the White House.

Back to my other point, here's a quick run-down of CollapseNet projections that we have also gotten right recently, like:
    * no war with or attack on Iran;
    * food price inflation warnings months ahead of impact on consumers;
    * the call for a "Grand Bargain" in Congress;
    * a market correction or crash in the Fall/Winter (still developing - see today's markets - but it is assured if we go over the "fiscal cliff")

In fact, I'll go so far as to say that we have not had a major miss on any analytical projection in over 6 months. Unlike political ideologues or corporate-agenda mainstream news, our analyses at CollapseNet adapt to new information and evolving circumstances. CollapseNet gets it right because our goal is to seek the Truth.  We focus upon objective realityreporting what is rather than what we want to see, and provide analysis based upofacts and science instead of gut-feelings and wild-eyed suspicions. We do not shape the news and our projected outcomes based upon our own fears or desires of how we think things should be. 

We get it right because that is our purpose. CollapseNet's Mission Statement reads: "
Truth is our agenda, reality is our paradigm, surviving the Transition is our goal."

With your continued support, we'll keep getting it right, and we'll keep you ahead of the herd. - Wes

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