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World News Desk 10-30-2014

From Jenna Orkin:


The Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Is Reportedly Going To Reveal Himself To The World  

Mother Upset After School Vaccinates Her Son Without Permission

Ancient viruses survive in frozen Caribou poop

Good news for those scientists who want to study the Black Plague! - JO

How Facebook Could End Up Controlling Everything You Watch and Read Online

“How many of you are reading this because of a link you clicked on Facebook? In the online publishing industry (which WIRED obviously is part of), Facebook’s influence on site traffic—and therefore ad revenue—is difficult to overstate. Over the past year especially, “the homepage is dead” has become a standard line among media pundits. And more than anything else, it’s Facebook that killed it.

Given that links appear to be more clickable when shared on Facebook, online publishers have scrambled to become savvy gamers of Facebook’s News Feed, seeking to divine the secret rules that push some stories higher than others. But all this genuflection at the altar of Facebook’s algorithms may be but a prelude to a more fundamental shift in how content is produced, shared, and consumed online. Instead of going to all this trouble to get people to click a link on Facebook that takes them somewhere else, the future of Internet content may be a world in which no video, article, or cat GIF gallery lives outside of Facebook at all.

The prospect of Facebook becoming the Internet’s ultimate content cannibal got a big push earlier this week by New York Times media columnist David Carr. In his column Monday, Carr said Facebook is talking to some publishers about simply hosting their pages itself. Facebook’s apparent pitch is it’s already got a mobile experience users love, so why not cut out the extra click and deliver content more directly in a way audiences prefer? Oh, and Facebook will share the ad revenue.

Publishers likely will balk at ceding so much control to Facebook. But in the end, they may not have much choice. The arrangement might sound like a partnership at first, but it could end up like Amazon and the book industry. Book publishers may hate dealing with Amazon and resent its influence over their sales. But the last thing they would do is pull their books from Amazon. Thanks to its outsized leverage, Facebook’s ability to dictate terms to online publishers could wind up much the same…”


Fuck Facebook. That’s our position and why you don’t see us there very often. - Wes

NATO Fighters Intercepted Russian Jets Today, Latvia Says



Heroin Use Is So High In Myanmar That Syringes Now Serve As Currency

An Abandoned, Moss-Covered Shed Has Sold For $880,000 In London's Bonkers Housing Market

Russia: The EU Must Guarantee Ukraine Will Pay Its Massive Gas Bill

“Russia says its dispute with Ukraine over natural-gas supplies will not be resolved unless the European Union guarantees cash-strapped Kyiv pays up front for gas it wants from Russia this winter.

After three-way talks in Brussels that began on October 29 and dragged on into the night, Russian Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak said the sides had agreed on the "basic parameters" of documents setting out prices, volumes of gas deliveries to Ukraine in November and December, and a mechanism for restructuring Kyiv's multibillion-dollar debt to Russia for previous supplies.

But he said Russia, which halted deliveries to Ukraine in June, will not turn on the taps unless it is certain it will be paid for future deliveries.

"If there's money, there will be gas," Novak said…”


Now there’s some real Truth… - Wes

How Romania Loses $28 Billion To Tax Evasion Every Year

Here's Why You Don't See Skyrocketing Out-Of-Pocket Medical Costs In The CPI Numbers



Chinese Authorities Are Shocked By The Results Of The Relaxed 'One Child' Policy

Why Britain Has To Start Chaining Up Its Plants

Why Ebola Aid Workers Are Quarantining Themselves When Scientists Say They Don't Need To

'Dangerously high' levels of airborne carcinogens found at US fracking sites 

How insects could feed the world



Kim Jong Un allegedly kills 10 N.Korea officials

Decades-Old Soviet Engines Powered The US Rocket That Exploded

Louisiana Closes Door To Scientists Who Studied Ebola In Africa

Footage emerges of homeless man being shot at 46 times by police in the US  

So at point did they realize the guy is freaking dead? - Wes


Civil Unrest/Politics

Sweden Recognizes Palestinian State

Protesters storm Burkina Faso’s parliament

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