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Egypt Gas Pipeline Attacked; Assassination Attempt on Egyptian VP; Venezuela sees $200 Oil If Suez Canal Closes - 5 FEBRUARY 2011

From Jenna Orkin et al.



Venezuela sees $200 oil if Suez Canal closes 
Closure Of Egypt Routes Wouldn't Take Any Crude Out Of Market    

Egypt Gas Pipeline Attacked    

A Brief Tour Of The 7 Oil Chokepoints That Are Crucial To The World Economy  

Rural Poor Paid to Attack Opposition Supporters   

Egypt riots: death toll rises as President Mubarak hangs on  

Assassination Attempt on Egyptian VP Kills Two Bodyguards  

Jim Rogers Tells CNBC To Change Its Name To CommoditesNBC, Sees Oil At $150, Is Short Nasdaq ETFs, Expects More Governments To Collapse  

France and Germany propose EU 'competitiveness pact'

"German Chancellor Angela Merkel told other EU leaders that the euro must be defended as a political project."

Politics is a continuation of economics by other means. Economics is a continuation of energy by other means. Things break down not up. The EU is doomed. And this umpteenth attempt at a "plan" reminds me of another great line: "If you don't tell a lie, you don't have to remember what you said." Who can keep track of this crap? The time will come soon when the leader of a major world power will admit to global collapse and its inevitability. At that moment we will have a window to really change as much as we can. I hope it comes soon.-- MCR

Khamenei hails 'Islamic' uprisings
"Iranian supreme leader urges Egyptians to follow in the footsteps of Iran's 1979 revolution."

They are not Islamic uprisings you old windbag. They're generational uprisings. -- MCR

Lively community takes shape behind Cairo barricades

"CAIRO (Reuters) - Beyond the barricades, beyond the sniping from the edges by people acting on behalf of President Hosni Mubarak, a new, festive and diverse slice of Egypt has suddenly appeared in the heart of the capital Cairo.

"Tahrir Square has free food and drinks, a bandstand with live music, dedicated medical staff and a sense of community which Mubarak's opponents say makes them proud of their country for the first time in decades."

I love this! -- MCR

Europe ups pressure on Mubarak, calling for immediate transition in Egypt

The longer he holds out, the more Washington and Tel Aviv will panic. Iran will try to foment an Islamic revolution and the USG knows it. I also suspect it quite probable that no country will take him which leaves only one option for his departure. With the crisis unresolved, the poor around the world can smell opportunity. It may sound callous but I kind of wish that Irish or American youth would go up now too so that the world might better understand what the real issue is. American youth are closer to it than most suspect, I think. -- MCR

Insolvency figures reach new record  

Labor Force Participation Plunges To Fresh 26 Year Low  

20,000 Military Members, Vets Faced Foreclosure in 2010   

US Needs To Generate 246,600 Jobs A Month To Get To Pre-Depression Employment By End Of Obama Second Term  

Geithner Gone Wild: Treasury Entertains 100 Year and GDP-Linked Bonds to Fill New $2.4 Trillion "Demand"  

Chinese Gold Demand 'Enormous' and 'Unbelievable'  

EU Commissioner Wants to Fund Super Grid with Euro Bonds    

The Great Global Debt Prison  

Regulators approve TransCanada shale gas line  

Crops Wither and Prices Rise in Chinese Drought    

Russia poised to breach mysterious Antarctic lake



US Economy 'Heading for a Wall' - David Stockman 

WORKERS GO MISSING: Millions Of Americans Have Given Up Looking For A Job, No Longer Counted  

The only news here is the prominence of the report. - JO

If Egypt Is America's Future, Is Italy Its Past? John Taylor Ponders The Oil Scramble Ahead  

The BLS: A History Of (Downward) Revisions, Or How The Department Of Truth Goosed Markets With Half A Million Fake Jobs In Two Years  

Geithner Refuses To Call China Currency Manipulator, Also Refuses To Stop Complaining  

Social Security — Still the Third Rail of Politics    

The Nasdaq, In Addition To Manipulated, Is Also Compromised  

Madrid Is Saving to Save the Euro, But Will It Be Enough?

If we're lucky, we'll only be 10 per cent poorer  

SEC Gets More Whistleblower Tips  

U.S. Says 25 Percent of For-Profit Students Default

Bernanke Warns Of Catastrophe If Debt Limit Not Raised

Talking out of both sides of his mouth. -- MCR

Fed Balance Sheet Grows to Record Size in Week

And his ass. -- MCR

Exploding manholes add to wicked winter   

Rothschild rebrand drops investment banking after 200 years  



US lawmakers clash on Patriot Act measures   

And Now We're Running Out Of Trans-Ocean Fiber Capacity...   

WikiLeaks cables: US agrees to tell Russia Britain's nuclear secrets

Iran atomic chief urges Stuxnet probe

"Official wants claims of harm to first nuclear power station investigated after warnings over 'new Chernobyl'"

'Death by GPS': Could it happen to you?  

FCC Net Neutrality Is Regulatory 'Trojan Horse,' EFF Says   

Court bans man with low IQ from having sex   

Police beat Sudanese at short-lived protest: witnesses

I don't think the contagion can be stopped now. -- MCR

Russian defense chief visits isles claimed by Japan

Japan is almost a carcass which Russia and China are already plucking. – MCR

Chinese cyber-spies penetrate Foreign Office computers

China's probing everywhere, looking for openings... positions of advantage. -- MCR



Pope's organs are too holy to donate to mortals

Then find an immortal who needs them. - JO 

The 10 Most Unemployed Countries In The World  

Massive blackout in Chile; energy rationing considered

Should be headline news. -- MCR

Massive blackout in Brazil's northeast states


System overload causes blackout in Sydney

Richard Duncan, Ph.D. called this oh-so right. It is the blackouts, which are becoming permanent (as with street lights being shut off), that mark the end of industrial civilization. That's because civilization runs on electricity when it isn't driving its cars. -- MCR

Global energy consumption to increase 44 percent

It seems highly unlikely now that such a consumption increase will be realized. -- RF

The Price Crisis: A Special Report (on the high price of tires)

Oysters disappearing worldwide: study

We're going to miss a lot of things. And if the worst thing we'll miss is oysters (I love em) we got off real easy. -- MCR

If You Thought China Was Causing Problems In The Rare Earths Market Now...     
Will Syria come next?   

Banks Fail in Georgia, Illinois   

White House upset at blackout claims  

BP "Worked Hand in Glove with [the Mubarak] Dictatorship"    

Natural gas shortage cuts heat for 25,000 (New Mexico)

"Some 25,000 New Mexicans were without natural gas after a freeze in west Texas led to rolling power outages that interrupted electricity to natural-gas compressor stations."

Here we can see how the power shortage in Texas cascaded into a natural gas shortage in other states. Everything is connected. When the power goes out, so does everything else. -- RF

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