Mike Ruppert to make first public appearance as Tracker of Truth, July 4th

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-- You may know him as the author of “Crossing the Rubicon”, or Confronting Collapse, or from the 2002 documentary “Truth and Lies of 9-11”, or from his famous 1996 face-to-face confrontation with a CIA Director where, as a former LAPD narc, he offered proof of the CIA smuggling drugs for decades. Most probably know him from the internationally acclaimed 2009 theatrical documentary “Collapse” (Bluemark Films) which warned about Peak Oil, collapse and the world most humans are living in today. That film, heralded by critics like Roger Ebert, The New York Times, and Variety, has now been viewed an estimated 5 million times around the world.

But in his heart, Michael C. Ruppert (Tracker of Truth) has, since committing to a spiritual life in 1983, been governed and guided by his spiritual practice which he says is what made possible all the achievements of his life. Since 2001 he has been heavily influenced by Native American and indigenous teachings following his first contact with a Dakota Sioux elder, Skip Mahawk, who sought him out just before his famous lecture at Portland State University. His spiritual practice is what sustained and led him through his work of speaking truth to power for three decades, a work which he now calls “holding a lantern at the crossroads” in order to warn a world in darkness that it faced a choice between living from fear or from the heart. Spirit has relieved him of those duties, telling him now to keep his face to the sun so that he will see fewer shadows during the amazing transformation sweeping our planet.

For several years now Mike has openly been a Gaian follower of ancient wisdom taught by the ancestors. His 2010 essay “God on the Table” has been read more than 30,000 times. In early 2011 while attending Tom Brown’s Tracker School Mike met his shaman just as he moved to Sebastopol, CA where he now practices permaculture on 2.5 acres.

Two months ago Mike was given the name Tracker of Truth as he successfully completed the work he had undertaken in 1979. His head and his heart are united now in the world of spirit and love. He has been guided that his new role is to hold space as a warrior of peace “and to just be”, as an awakened younger generation leads us joyfully into a reality that has been foretold and promised for thousands of years.

On July 4th, Tracker of Truth will be the “Heartnote” Speaker at Om Shanti Productions and The Human Revolution’s EVOLUTIONARY FOURTH. There are more signs that we have reached The Hundredth Monkey than most can yet see. But many of us sure are feeling them.

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