Afghanistan and the Alamo

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-- March 14, 2012, 1700 PDT, SEBASTOPOL – There is much less in common between the two than there is the similar. It is what they have in common that begs the comparison...

by Michael C. Ruppert


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-- March 14, 2012, 1700 PDT, SEBASTOPOL – There is much less in common between the two than there is the similar. It is what they have in common that begs the comparison.

The Alamo was at least on North American soil.

The Alamo sparked a subsequent military victory. It gave impetus to Sam Houston, backed by the United States, to “liberate” Texas from Mexico and eventually joined it to the Union. A massacre of American troops in Afghanistan will not result in anything but even greater defeats for the U.S in short order.

The Alamo was a greater battle cry expressing the urgency of the then “manifest destiny” of the U.S. to grow into world-power status.

A massacre in Afghanistan would be the historical marker noting the United States’ hitting the crash bar to the emergency exit from world-power status.

What the Alamo and Afghanistan do have in common, however, is that Afghanistan is shaping up to be a 100% KIA event for the gringos involved, just like the Alamo was.

There are probably other battles that should be raised as better comparisons. Dienbienphu and The Little Big Horn come to mind.

You must watch all of the linked video interview with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to understand how the morale of the troops has been devastated by the massacre. You can smell the defeat right over the internet.  In an unprecedented move before Panetta spoke, all Marines entering to hear Panetta were forced to disarm and leave their weapons outside. That is not normal. Armed personnel in hot combat zones have always been allowed to keep their weapons during such briefings by VIPs. The Marines quietly submitted. That is the clearest sign I have seen reflecting the gravity of the situation and what it has done to ISAF.

Not only that but, as Panetta was speaking to U.S. Marines in a secure hangar, a suicide bomber entered the base and set himself on fire trying to detonate fuel near Panetta’s aircraft.

Some will say that this isn’t the first massacre that’s happened in war. But there could have been no worse massacre, at a worse time, or in a worse location. And the mainstream media keeps ignoring continually aggregating evidence that the massacre was near a U.S. Army Special Forces base… in the heart of opium country.

The record of my life bears testimony as to what that suggests.

It is not possible that this rampage could have been conducted by a lone individual. Especially not deep inside Taliban territory outside a remote Special Forces base as other stories we have brought you on the World News desk show. No solitary soldier would have gone for an evening stroll to kill 19 people deep in the heart of Taliban turf. My estimate is that the massacre involved at least two squads (or serials); one to do the killing and one to provide security for the ones doing the killing.

If the United States does not withdraw immediately from Afghanistan it may be issuing a death sentence to every coalition member there. I hope all of the other participating nations get their people out right now, as apparently the British and the Germans have already begun.

It’s Little Big Horn that’s resonating most with me right now. Bring the troops home right now because anything less might be a death sentence. – MCR



Panetta says that U.S. must not repeat Afghan mistakes

Afghan Marines order to disarm before hearing Panetta 

Panetta Is Safe After Car Ignites Near His Plane at Afghan Base
An Afghan drove a stolen vehicle on to a runway ramp at a military base in southern Afghanistan and then ran from it ablaze as a plane carrying Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta landed there on Wednesday morning, Pentagon officials said.

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