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on Wednesday, 07 March 2012 in Founder's Corner

There will never be a more important film made... ever.

In all of my 35 years of dedicated research and digging, with all of my access to good information, I had never heard of Onkalo until yesterday. That gives monumental testimony to the evil done by mainstream, corporate-owned media as it has kept perhaps billions of like-minded, aware, and competent people in the dark as to each others' existence. All corporate-owned, publicly-traded media is our first and most immediate enemy. It is also the most vulnerable point in the control of The Powers That Be. It can and it must be recognized and removed as the murderous and lethal obstacle that it is.

This film was released in 2010, a year before Fukushima. It shows that there are many who understand that safely shutting down all nuclear reactors and storing the waste safely... for 100,000 years... is mankind's number one priority. 100,000 years is twenty times longer than the pyramids have existed and roughly five times longer than any kind of human civilization at all has existed. How can we guarantee that something will stayed sealed that long?... Did the pyramids?

How long did it take us to learn to read hieroglyphics?

Given the collapse that is underway, how much "money" will there be to do this in every nuclear nation? How many oil-powered drills, generators,and dump trucks will there be... even in 2013? What about Japan?

Into Eternity is an eternal tribute to the honor and maturity of the Finnish people. And as you watch this film, bear in mind that Onkalo is only big enough to house the nuclear waste generated in Finland.

... Until we deal with this problem, almost everything else we attempt is futile or moot.

And until we change the way money works, we change nothing. -- MCR

More about the film here.

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