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It is clear, the Murdoch Empire is under attack. But what exactly does this mean and what are the implications for attacking the 13th Most Powerful Man in the World (Forbes) ? Michael C. Ruppert provides evidence and analysis of the current landscape, which points to the likelihood that there is a global move against Israel, not Judaism. For the first time in decades Michael Ruppert see a golden opportunity for those who have for so long suffered with FOX News and those it represents... to fight back and win. (Members Only story) 


Corrected July 19, 2011.



Murdoch Empire Under Attack that Cannot Succeed Until FOX News is Taken Out

The Solid Front of “The Powers That Be” is Crumbling


Michael C. Ruppert

[photo: Mike Mann via www.groundup.com]


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July 18, 2011, 1300 PDT, SEBASTOPOL -- Within the space of the last 72 hours:

Les Hinton, The C.E.O. of Dow Jones, which owns the Wall Street Journal and Market Watch has resigned for his connections to the criminal activities of Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid empire while he was Chairman of News International – the source of the current British phone-hacking scandal.

Scotland Yard has arrested Rebekah Brooks, who was Chief Executive of the same News International, after resigning days ago, for her criminal activities in service to Rupert Murdoch’s empire.

On Sunday Paul Stephenson, the Chief of Scotland Yard, resigned suddenly after it was disclosed that Neil Wallis, the personal media advisor to Stephenson was the former Deputy Editor of Murdoch’s News of the World while it was engaging in illegal wiretaps of royals, celebrities, crime victims, political figures and anyone who might have a story that could change the status quo. (It is beginning to smell like Stephenson was the actual bagman.)

Also on Sunday, Scotland Yard’s Assistant Commissioner John Yates abruptly resigned. Yates shut down the phone hacking probe in 2009 and was connected to Neil Wallis, the media advisor from Murdoch’s ranks. This has left Scotland Yard as a “rudderless ship” according to press accounts.

Business has been done this way since before, during and after September 11th and we are living and suffering in a world, which these people created. People and governments acquiesced as long as they could be bought off with more debt. That era is over.

What is being exposed here is part of the actual central nervous system and brain of the infinitely-corrupt Infinite-Growth paradigm. It is a paradigm that is now openly killing tens of millions of people around the world and which, unchallenged, will kill six billion of us over the next few years in order to maintain control.

What is happening is a purge of Israeli agents from the highest ranks of British government. Prime Minister David Cameron will likely fall very soon… within days in fact is my guess.


Gordon Duff is the Senior Editor of Veterans Today. He is an educated USMC Vietnam veteran. Although I have not communicated with him regularly for years, I know Duff to be an educated, professional man. What’s more, since about 1999 I have known him to be an honorable and trustworthy person. Honor is a kind of priceless liquidity that is of supreme value these days.  On July 15, Duff released a video titled Gordon Duff Demystifies Rupert Murdoch. It is an absolute Must-See video for all of us. It is also a deadly-accurate analysis of Rupert Murdoch with which I agree almost entirely.

My disagreements are very minor and have to do with larger analyses of the current feud and what it represents. For example, I am not so sure that the Bushes and Murdoch are fully on the same side. Remember that the British Crown has now turned against Murdoch and I believe that Bush family’s allegiances are stronger to the Crown than Murdoch and Israel.

Leave all that aside. Because once you have watched the video and if you have difficulty acknowledging its obvious truth… then just go back and read the first four paragraphs of this article again. THEN try to dismiss it. You cannot.


The nexus of the power represented by Murdoch is in Israel, just as it was for deceased British media baron and Murdoch ancestor Robert Maxwell who mysteriously drowned off the stern of his yacht in late 1991 in the waning fallout of the Iran-Contra scandal. It had been disclosed and established during Iran-Contra that Maxwell – while owning and operating some of the same tabloids Murdoch now owns – had been a lifelong Israeli intelligence agent. What both Murdoch and Maxwell had in common – among other things -- was that they both had WASP surnames from British Commonwealth nations, but both were/are in reality ardent Zionists with active Israeli citizenship.

As I wrote in Crossing the Rubicon seven years ago, Israel is a country. Judaism is a religion. One can righteously attack the country without intent to attack the religion in any way or form. These ongoing developments demonstrate the power of a particular cabal, faction or sect of The Powers That Be, which is now taking on the faction centered in Israel. We want to identify this faction and the best leads now are by asking “Qui bono?” or who benefits from Murdoch’s demise. We will watch that closely.

One does not attack a “man” like Murdoch or a nation like Israel lightly. This is obviously a fight to the death for Murdoch and he knows it. So do those orchestrating this public evisceration. The Crown has turned on him. The U.S. Attorney General is in the process of turning on him for wiretapping 9-11 victim families like The Jersey Girls who had the temerity to question the United States government’s absolutely ludicrous accounts of 9-11. The other (as yet unrevealed) Powers That Be are turning on him. But Rupert Murdoch is like Dracula. You have to hold a mirror in front of him, douse him with Holy Water, drive a stake through his heart, rub him with garlic, chop him into a thousand pieces, burn him and scatter his ashes to the wind to be sure of victory.

Rupert Murdoch will not be mortally wounded until he loses control of FOX News.


Think back to Dominique Strauss Kahn’s arrest and the way he was crucified in the press. Someone had the phone records of DSK’s travels to the airport, his calls to the hotel. They also came up with unimaginably hard-to-get phone conversations between the maid and her jailhouse boyfriend. Sound familiar? It is not proof but my gut is saying that FOX News was all over this. And if Murdoch could hire Scotland Yard Chiefs and police in Britain do you think he hasn’t done the same thing in New York City? Fuggedaboudit! This is where it gets tricky for Attorney General Eric Holder, Governor Andrew Cuomo and N.Y. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Big heads will fall if the Murdoch inferno spreads to the U.S.

All of this has deep connections to PROMIS software that, I am certain, was used to conduct these illegal wiretaps. PROMIS and its progeny such as Ptech have also been used to control the financial markets and to compromise highly-secret government and military operations. As I showed in “Rubicon”, it was PROMIS/Ptech that was used by Dick Cheney from the Presidential Emergency Operations Center on September 11th to control and execute the attacks using airlines piloted by remote control.

FOX News – owned by Murdoch was not accidentally the lead entity on reporting on PROMIS after 9-11 to counter the reporting that I and the From the Wilderness team were doing on it. The abundantly-documented history of PROMIS software shows that it has frequently been modified and sold to enemies.

Only if you are courageous go to http://www.copvcia.com and use the search engine there for both PROMIS and Ptech to see what kind of undisputable record exists.

Our movement may be invisible to the mainstream media. But we are absolutely not without power now and we need to step up and assert it wherever we can. In the last week we have seen focused email and telephone barrages from many entities (including Collapsenet) who understand that Infinite Growth must be killed, stop the prosecution of Julie Bass, a Michigan woman for growing food in her front yard, the withdrawal of a coloring book in New York for kids promoting murderous natural gas fracking and other convincing evidence that we can no longer be ignored. In Spain, flash mobs are now responding to home foreclosures and preventing banks from evicting people.

Let’s use our growing influence to put pressure on the U.S. Attorney General and New York to go after FOX. If FOX news is destroyed in the public eye as a credible source there will be a vacuum in what the American people hear and know, and we – all of the press entities we feature on the World News Desk will be waiting to fill every part of it that we can. And when FOX News goes down all the other corporate-owned American media will understand that their days of glory and arrogant dismissiveness have ended.


Dedication: This article is dedicated to CW4 Wm McCoy, U.S. Army, C.I.D. (ret.) – “Don’t shoot unless you have a head shot.”

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