CollapseNet’s First Documentary Film, “Vegas – Glimmers In The Desert”

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Wesley Miller is the Chief Executive Officer of CollapseNet
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on Saturday, 02 February 2013 in CollapseNet Free Blogs

Lake Oswego, OR – 5:00 PM PST - I promised our members a feature-length documentary, and at long last, it is here: “Vegas – Glimmers In The Desert”. Please leave any comments about the film in this blog post below, or feel free to start your own blogs about it if you are a member.

We shot this film in the first week of August, 2012, and had hoped to turn it around in post-production within a few months. Unfortunately, other matters got in the way, such as the health of the company and my own physical health. CollapseNet has been limping along the last six months or so as we have tried to re-define and re-establish ourselves after MCR’s departure last year. Most of our personnel have had to seek other employment opportunities in order to get by, making their time less available for CollapseNet jobs and further slowing our progress. But at long last, we got it done.


Although this is one of the lowest budget films you will ever see, our staff involved in making the film are all very satisfied with how it turned out. The credit for making this film look as good as it does all goes to Heidi Dehncke-Fisher, our esteemed videographer/producer/editor extraordinaire. She took the big lumps of clay I threw at her and sculpted them into something respectable. Heidi is a video professional working out of NYC as a free-lancer, often for mainstream news organizations. If you are in the market for a person with her skill set, you can do no better than Heidi.

Since taking the helm at CollapseNet, I have been loathe to ask for donations or do any desperate promotions. I hate to beg. We have been trying very hard to do the best we can with what we’ve got, and to enhance the services we provide, as with the World News Stream. Our intention moving forward is to bring much more of the WNS to the front page in the attempt to bring in better advertising revenue. To do this requires sufficient man-power, however, and man-power requires enough revenue to keep those folks housed and fed. Without a financial boost, this may take a few more months to accomplish and slow down other site enhancements or progress in the meantime.

We also intend to make more documentary films of interest to our members, and the public at large, now that we’ve got a bit more experience with the process. My intention is to take CollapseNet to my home State of North Dakota and get to the heart of the Bakken oil boom. I have more family and contacts than I can count in North Dakota, and if we do this second film, I intend to make it as factual, honest, entertaining and expositional as we possibly can. I mean it when I say we’ll go from the oil patch to the Governor’s Office. But this project, too, requires the money to make it happen.

So instead of begging for money, I am simply asking for your financial support through donations or memberships. If you like what we are doing, or where we are heading, please do what you can to keep CollapseNet alive and healthy. Our Members make this company, and together, we can make CollapseNet the best alternative news source on the Internet. But that will only happen if you help us get there...

Thank you all for the support you have given us thus far. We hope you’ll help us make it to the next level.

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Wesley Miller is the Chief Executive Officer of CollapseNet

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