Tracker School Exclusive Offer Member Instructions

ATTENTION MEMBERS -- Tom Brown Jr's Tracker School is pleased to announce that effective immediately, the Tracker School will offer a first-ever 10% discount on any Standard or Philosophy 1 classes to any current Collapsenet member. 

To get the discount simply identify yourself as a Collapsenet member when mailing your enrollment form and writing your check. We'll verify your membership.

Registration for Collapsenet Members:

  • Do not register online for the class (our system won't know to discount you).

  • To get the discount, you MUST mail your physical enrollment form; online registrations are not accepted.

  • Fill out a paper application.  You can print the paper application here.

  • Make sure you write "Collapsenet" on the first page of the application, so I can get you approved for the 10% discount.

  • Fax, mail, or email your application over with your payment (we accept all major credit cards, checks and money orders made out to "Tracker School")  Contact information here.

  • Once we confirm that you are a Collapsenet Member we will process your application with the 10% discount and send you your follow up information.

Classes Offered:

  • Standard  (discount offered):  As the prerequisite for all other Tracker classes, Standard provides for each student a common vocabulary and a consistent understanding of the foundation of all of Tom’s teachings. To thoroughly prepare students, this Standard course provides a comprehensive introduction to each of Tracker’s seven core tracks, which are: Philosophy, Teaching, Healing, Prophecy/Vision, Scout, Survival Skills, and Tracking.

  • Philosophy 1 (discount offered):  This course covers the philosophy by which Stalking Wolf lived his life, as well as what he taught to Tom during their 10 years together. While it is based in Native American philosophy, Stalking Wolf found many truths common to all mankind throughout his years of extensive wandering. It is the combination and distillation of these common truths that are covered in this, and subsequent, Philosophy classes.

  • Other classes available here

Here is a link to our calendar: Tracker School Calendar